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Veteran longing for Home

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Max Wilcox


Veteran Longing for Home
Dear Sir/Ma’am,
Hello, I am Specialist Max Wilcox currently serving Our Great Country in the U.S.ARMY. I am being medically discharged from the service after 6 years of service for a knee injury. I served in Operation ENDURING Freedom and Operation NEW DAWN. My story is typical of most serving Our Country I joined to make a difference to give freedom to others and serve my country. I have been determined unfit for duty but, with my head held high I accept the facts and I am ready to begin the next chapter of my life that’s where I need your help America. I am returning to my home state of Arkansas where my wife of 26 years and I have purchased a traditional home with a VA loan. This is where we need help we were able to purchase the home with no money out of pocket however, the home built in 1974 needs to have some upgrades which the VA does not allow money for repairs. The home is livable but, is in dire need of a new furnace/ac system $4530.65 dollars and the water heater is due to be changed along with new attic insulation and the drafty old windows need replacing estimate of 6875.48. Then there is everything else paint, countertops, flooring. It is overwhelming then there is the issue of moving my wife back home to find a job we have been in El Paso for two+ years and my wife has not been able to work. It is going to cost 3200.00 to move her back home. I know that you may be thinking the Army will pay for that but, here is the truth they will not pay for us to move until I am discharged with orders in hand and then I am not sure they will cover this move because it was prior to my discharge. I just do not have any other options at this point our credit limits are maxed out with the purchase of the house and we are in dire need of funds to get home. I will be living with a friend for the next 6 to 8 months so we can make the payments on our home.
Thank you and God bless you,
SPC Max Wilcox



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