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Veteran Rescue seeks to provide reliable, confidential and transparent services that meet the readjusting and transitional post combat needs of veterans living in a gradual, dignified and psychologically supportive and holistic manner. Tax ID 32-0337515


Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp.© DBA Veteran Rescue ® is dedicated to transforming the lives of wounded and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Veterans  through equine interaction, therapies and job opportunities.

Government, public and corporate agency personnel are also affected by PTSD, and they have other challenges such as High stress burn out, particularly in the corporate world and government agencies.  Disabled children and others in need, such as battered women will be encouraged to utilize our services.

We offer our unique Team and skill set to benefit others. We are the leader in our industry because we utilize service animals in our equine therapy center on our healing retreats.

Please support Veteran Rescue’s run if you are in the area (see link below)! Veteran Rescue is an incredible organization dedicated to serving and supporting service members and giving them tools to overcome the ravages of PTSD. #equinetherapy #veteranrescue #heroes #servingthosewhoserve

If you aren’t in Florida you can still help! Click the link below to change the life of a hero!

Our 5k Race goal is $25,000.
Won't you help make history for our Veterans and animals? Help Save A Life today! #donate #fundraise #charity #veterans #animals #therapy

Vision Statement

Veteran Rescue programs are dedicated to help heal wounded and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affected Veterans  through physical and psychological therapies accomplished on horseback.  Intrinsically, these programs will provide a health service-based need to military Veterans, government, public, and corporate agencies.  The government, public and corporate agency personnel are encouraged to utilize our services to lower their stress burn out. Equine Therapy has been proven to lower heart attack and stroke risks, along with stress levels; a longer life span with quality of life is the result. Disabled children and others in need such as battered women will feel safe, loved, and ready to face the challenges of life.

We will be helping to heal our Veterans who were wounded, those who are afflicted with PTSD and their families within those communities; this will be accomplished through equine therapy designed to reduce their symptoms. Promisingly, our programming will lower suicide rates with Veterans while providing hope and independence to all people involved in our programs through medically and psychologically acknowledged therapeutic equine therapy.  

Our ranch will be available to the government, public and corporate agency personnel who are also affected by PTSD, high stress burn out in both the corporate world and government agencies and other challenges. Disabled children and others in need such as battered women will be encouraged to utilize our services.

Objectives To be phased in over 3 years.

shortterm objectives: Provide PTSD and Suicide awareness. Give On the Job (OJT) training. Network out Veterans seeking employment.   PTSD therapy will be conducted for Veterans using service dogs and horses, while, providing Veterans employment along with apprenticeship programs.  We will have Licensed Physical Therapists and Counselors  available on site for the Veterans’ use. We will have a work out gym, Jacuzzi, pool, and Obstacle course set up to help them utilize their strengths and work on their weaknesses.  We will have a library available for their use along with cabins and other amenities. These medical personnel are for use by all of our participants including, men, women, children, disabled, battered, burned out, and more.

Long Term Objectives:  Demonstrate patriotism working with wounded military Veterans and putting them to work. It’s a Win/Win situation; heal our Veterans and lower their families’ anxiety and emotional pain, improve our economy and reduce Veteran suicide and divorce rates. Our goals are to reduce suicide rates, divorce rates, drug and alcohol addiction, end homelessness, give everyone a second chance, house those in need as space is available, and employ approximately 50 people per ranch in addition to our licensed personnel.