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homeless combat US Military Veterans

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My wife and I bought with our life savings eleven acres of land on Wheel Wright pond at 101 Stepping Stone Rd Lee NH. We then donated the land to a Veterans Non-Profit (Veteran Resort-Chapel) with the mission of helping homeless US Military combat Veterans. We built the first cabin 16’x24’ with a chapel on the basement floor and a one bedroom apartment on the second floor. The remaining 12 cabins will be 8’x16’ single person, scattered through out the woods. Each cabin will be identified as a religious reading room for the Veteran to talk to what ever God they choose or not. Each cabin will use only a compost toilet to keep black water from destroying our soil. The compost will be used in the gardens set across the property for the Veterans to find nature by growing their own life in the way of plants. The Grey water from each cabin will be filtered back into the soil for future use. The Compost toilets will also remind the combat veteran of the out houses used in the confines of war and the discussing nature of them. A chuckle will come to the eyes of each veteran each time they use them remembering the smell, flies and many more adjectives we will not use.
The goal is to allow in time for the Veteran to find his or her way back mentally as well as physically if at all. The property was picked for its location near the commercial business on Rt. 125. The Veteran can in their attempt to move back into society get a job at minim wage and 1/3 of the earned income goes to the VRC. The VRC will have a signed contract of this and the suggestion that 50% is given as the excess over the 1/3 is put into a savings account for when they leave. The 1/3 is a token amount because of the minimum wage that they are getting but will inspire them to if they get back into a good paying future to move on and let the next veteran have their spot. The every fourth cabin will be a rental unit to a veteran that is looking for a low rent while they are in school or just getting back. This rent will pay for the heat, electric and up keep for the other cabins.
There are other solutions to the problem of homeless Veterans on the streets of NH. The Harbor Homes, Liberty house and others I am working with but they address the problem from societies solution. Give the Veteran a bed and get them into programs to address the effects of war through their (societies) view. These are solutions that the main part of society believes in leaving the 11% that served out. These are good solutions for each veteran is different and has lived combat in their own unique manner. Some Veterans are helped in just the way that they needed by these existing solutions. Each Veteran and Each combat experience is unique and we perceive to help through giving each veteran their own home and work with them at their own speed to come home. The why or why not is that I lived this life and I learned that a Vietnam friend reaching out, by giving me my own space and time brought me back and now I am trying to do what my friend did, for others. The Proto type of tiny 8’x16’ cabins maybe one day will be in the back yards of other citizens to house a homeless Veteran. Think of it a nation where the average home owner reaches out with out question to help the Hero that once went off to protect and defend our Constitution and came back to a world they did not belong. Peter Macdonald 101 Stepping Stone rd Lee NH 03824



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