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United For Change

Providing furniture and other household items to homeless veterans who are transitioning to permanent housing, to ensure their new house is truly a HOME. Tax ID 27-0768021


The Greater Phoenix Metro area has a substantial community of homeless veterans. The Veterans Administration (VA), along with other social agencies, is working to get these veterans into permanent housing. While these agencies often provide subsidized housing, the thing that is not provided is the furniture and other household items required to make it a home. Since most of these veterans are coming off the streets, they have nothing to move into these apartments.

Our mission is to fill that missing piece of the puzzle. We store donated furniture, lamps, kitchenware, sheets, towels, etc. in our 10,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse in central Phoenix. We obtain these items through use of two box trucks running throughout the Valley. Once a week we deliver furniture and other goods to an average of 6 to 10 veterans. Many times we deliver an entire apartment full of furnishings.

How do we manage all this? We wonder that ourselves sometimes. We rely on a host of volunteers, mostly older veterans and a great group of Luke AFB airmen to get the furniture delivered each week. Some of these same volunteers also work to pickup donated items to bring down to the warehouse during the week. As part of our effort to help the homeless veterans’ community, we also employ 2 or 3 veterans living at a transitional housing facility called MANA House. These folks were previously homeless and are now paid for work through MANA House.

We have one paid staffer who keeps the warehouse running and organized, so the operation runs smoothly.

So, now you are asking yourself "Sooo what do you want from me?". The answer, HELP! We need your monetary donation to ensure we can keep this operation going. As you see we have no revenue stream, since all the furniture delivered (and the delivery itself) are free to the veteran we have to rely on contributions to pay our warehouse lease, keep the lights on, keep the trucks running and keep our one employee - employed.

So, if you believe, as do most experts in the field of assisting the homeless, that an empty apartment does not constitute a HOME, help us. Make a donation today, pass the word on to your friends, help us make these veterans houses, HOMES.