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As we've all learned from national news stories, many U.S. veterans face heartbreaking challenges upon returning from Iraq or Afghanistan. Our federal benefits programs are among the best in the world, but they don't cover every need, and they are not designed to help families. Yet, in this war, one in two soldiers is married with children, and a soldier's wounds can affect his or her entire family. Tax ID 20-4218813


The mission of the Veterans Family Fund of America (VFFA), is to help veterans and their families. A grassroots community organization, VFFA is dedicated to meeting urgent needs that are not covered through other veterans programs, especially those relating to unmet family needs. 

The guiding principle of the fund is to provide prompt, focused financial assistance that resolves an immediate crisis. Our responsiveness can make a long-term difference in a veteran's quality of life— often affecting the family's financial survival. For example, VFFA has provided grants to cover childcare while a parent is looking for work after returning from deployment, tuition that allows the veteran to earn the last few credits needed for professional credentials for a civilian job, or emergency rent because ongoing financial support for the war-injured veteran has been delayed. Our veterans' families have typically never needed outside help previously; however, exceptional circumstances now require our assistance.

Our highest priority is to make sure your donations reach the people who truly need them. We collaborate with the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs in Olympia, Washington to distribute our donations, thus eliminating further need for high case-management costs and other unnecessary overhead. 

Donations of $10 can assist with a hot meal, $20 can provide school books for a veteran's child, $50 can assist in a deposit for moving into an apartment, donations of $100 could give a veteran a new instrument to help express his/her inner feelings or provide much needed bike parts for transportation and rehabilitation. Please, join us in supporting without boarders.