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I created the VSN because intuitively it seemed to me that if they got a GOOD job with better prospects for growth, they'd be more likely to STAY off the streets. To get jobs with the big companies which offer that growth, your resume is screened by a computer looking for key words; then an HR person does the same; finally the short stack of applicants gets an interview, and our graduates now have something to say, "pep in their step" and confidence that they have the skills and attitude to do a great job. Tax ID 45-4616648


During an 8-day classroom experience, students receive training in 8 different subjects, with a certification examination each day.  Students are expected to have studied the slide shows, which are distributed to them on the first day of class.  In the case of the homeless vets classes, most have extremely limited or no access to computers, so they get all their learning from the classes.  Once they have the ability to use a book, and we have funding, they will get books retroactively, for their future studies.

Classes include Food Safety (Prometric nationally recognized exam), HACCP, Restaurant Management, Customer Service, Culinary Nutrition, Culinary Arts (not cooking), Serving Alcohol Responsibly (ServSafe Alcohol from the National Restaurant Association and Beverage Management.  Except as noted, the certifications are from the Global Foodservice Institute at the State University of New York, Morrisville.”

Until we get grants and contributions, I am paying the expenses myself.  Obviously that can only continue for a limited time, thus this exciting way to raise funds will allow my friends and their friends to show their support for homeless veterans by contributing what they can.