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Vet needs spinal surgery

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Cists on lower spinal cord has left him paralyzed from the waste down. This situation revealed itself with no warning. Vet is on a VA program. Two options: 1). Open back surgery [requires two surgeons plus entire ER team; 1 week to 10 days in the hospital; 30+ days in bed; three to six months recovery plus an additional six months rehab]. 2). Laser surgery [requires two to four hours outpatient procedure; home the same night; possibly three to six days bed rest; three to six weeks recovery/rehab; clinic doesn't work with VA; requires $23,000.00 prior to procedure].

This man was in the process of moving across country to tend to ailing parents who are themselves in dire straights. This sudden event has turned many lives up-side down! The laser clinic is in the same city as his parents. He really needs to get over this injury as soon as possible to BE ABLE to tend to his parents.

Vet can probably get partial to full reimbursement from the VA but that could take months. ALL MONIES RECEIVED AS REIMBURSEMENT FROM THE VA WILL BE PROPORTIONTELY RETURNED TO ALL DONORS!

Open back surgery is scheduled for November 1st by the VA and is his final option, AND HE IS VERY THANKFUL TO THE TAXPAYERS FOR EVEN DOING THIS MUCH!!!

Vet served seven years in the U.S. Navy, completing three tours in the Persian Gulf.

If the amount needed for the laser procedure is not raised in time, the Vet will still be out of work and unable to support himself for about six months following the open back procedure and he has no one that he can turn to for assistance to get through this period.

He currently lives frugally in a studio apartment in a very high cost of living locale. He has already sold his 2004 Jeep for $4,500.00, (couldn't drive anyway), and is currently living off those funds but they are quickly running out.

As stated, he would have left for his parent's city almost a month ago now had it not been for this situation. He's half packed and was suppose to be out of his apartment by September 1st. But the landlord has said he is good through the end of December if he needs it, (which he will), and if he can pay the rent.

A friend told me about this site and I already have three other friends who have pledged $1,500.00 as soon as I get this up and running.

ANY amount would be greatly appreciated! Lord bless you!!!



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Jake is working on selecting a charity so you can support Vet needs spinal surgery.