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veterans alaska rehab ride

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The Story

EVENT DATE: Jun 21, 2016

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jun 17, 2016

To support a group of military veterans from Korea, Vietnam and other era's to enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic motorcycle cruise from Oregon up Alaska Highway and back.  The group currently spends The group spends hundreds of hours giving to the community  building wheel chair ramps for disabled veterans, senior citizens and handicapped children as well as many other services.

In addition with the Oath taken of To protect this country from all enemies both foreign and domestic the fight against corruption within our own government is never ending.  And being veterans creates more of a burden than many ever dream. 

This event would be just for the group to enjoy about 10 days of rehabilitating, clearing the mind and heart and freedom while we still have it.

Team Organizer's Photo

Larry Cook

Amount Raised: