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Vets2farm Inc.

Vets2farm is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization built for the purpose of providing disabled Veterans a place to heal, farm, grow and give back. Tax ID 47-1902653


Vets helping Vets  
We are a veteran serving veteran organization, meaning a majority of our staff and board are veterans themselves. Who better to understand the needs of a veteran than a veteran?  We pride ourselves on this major factor that sets us apart from other nonprofits.

Extending Service to our Communities 
We not only help the veterans in our communities but also provide farm fresh products to the public at local farmers markets at greatly reduced costs compared to what is customarily found by other vendors, so fresh, local produce is obtainable by all income levels.

Nurturing the Earth  
We do not use harsh chemicals or artificial hormones in our farming practices and focus on fresh, wholesome methods when raising our livestock and produce. It is for this reason our products taste better and are better for you with a noticeable difference compared to store bought products.


Healing Ourselves in the Process 

​Giving back and providing for others feels great, but it also helps us feel better as well. There is something about the work we do that gives us a sense of purpose in what we do on the farm and a sense of belonging again. Veterans connecting with the earth and other veterans creates a strong healing capability.