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CROWDRISE : Apr 04, 2017
Tax ID: 81-1361185
BASED: Lahaina, HI, United States



Empowering Veterans

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Vetscape is a 501(c)3 non-profit that empowers veterans to find their next mission in life.


The Challenge


Military Transition

Over half (51%) of post-9/11 combat veterans experience difficulty coping with the transition from active duty to civilian life. After returning home from the high stress, high adrenaline environment of combat, many of our veterans continue to fight silent battles that are often invisible to their civilian neighbors.


The 'Broken Veteran' Image

Today's military veterans face social stigma and a growing disconnect between the military and civilian communities. Images of the ‘broken soldier ’ – disabled and/or wheelchair-bound former soldiers – dominate public perceptions of veterans. 


What We Do


Team Vetscape

Team Vetscape brings together military veterans to participate in extreme sports and endurance challenges.  For returning combat veterans struggling with issues like post-traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), this team structure can ignite positive change by recreating the training regimen, sense of mission, and camaraderie formerly provided by the military.  Our programs offer therapeutic alternatives to destructive high-risk activities––such as drugs, alcohol abuse, and violence––as well as a social and support community for at-risk veterans. Vetscape recruits and trains veteran athletes to participate in some of the most extreme sporting events across the country, including kiteboarding, skydiving, surfing, paddleboard racing, BASE jumping, and endurance races like the World’s Toughest Mudder. Team Vetscape members develop new athletic skills, a positive mindset, renewed purpose, and new teammates for life.


Vetscape Media

Our online media house, Vetscape Media, documents the journeys of Team Vetscape athletes. We produce and promote short videos that showcase veterans overcoming extreme physical and mental challenges. These videos provide a platform for veterans to share their personal stories with other veterans, as well as with the civilians they risked their lives for.  By distributing our media content across social media, Vetscape aims to inspire at-risk veterans across the nation to take the first step towards an active, healthy lifestyle, and to redefine the public’s perception of veterans from one of stigma, to one of strength.


How We Help


  • Support: Empower veterans coping with transitional difficulties to set and reach new goals through participation in extreme and/or endurance challenges – establishing a healthy pattern for the rest of their lives; develop and sponsor a team of elite veteran athletes.
  • Connect: Engage at-risk veterans with veteran athletes/mentors who have overcome disabilities through sports and fitness; create a social and support community for vets by bringing together otherwise disconnected veterans on team challenges.
  • Amplify: Amplify the impact of our national network of local partner organizations, working to bring action sports opportunities and a fit mindset to veterans in need.
  • Educate: Document and share veterans’ personal stories, training, extreme physical feats, and positive transformations, to showcase veterans' strengths and dispel the ‘broken warrior’ stereotype.
  • Inspire: Leverage the power of social media to inspire returning combat veterans across the country who may be struggling with PTS or TBI, to take the first step towards self-healing and an active lifestyle.


Get Involved


With more resources we can make a bigger impact. You can make the difference. Your generosity will benefit returning veterans who face mental, physical, and/or emotional hardships as a result of their service. Donated funds will enable us to provide support for Team Vetscape members as they continue their transition from military warriors to warrior athletes. 


Want to fundraise for us? It's super easy! Help us elevate awareness of our mission while rallying support for America’s veterans.



Tax ID: 81-1361185 •


Vetscape - Empowering veterans to find their next mission in life.

Vetscape - Empowering vetera…

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