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Some people sitting in prison are not guilty of anything! TIPI Turtle Island Project Innocence is the voice for those people. CEO Annegret James Rouse works tirelessly … day in and day out… gathering new evidence and trying to right some of these wrongs. Word spreads quickly in prison…if you are truly innocent, reach out to Anna…she will try to help you! How much does she charge for everything she does? NOTHING. NADA. Not even for her actual expenses. We believe in what TIPI is doing. We try to put ourselves in the places of the wrongfully convicted ... some who have been sitting there for over 20 years ...still believing that they will get some justice...(!) ... and we just cringe and feel an overwhelming sense of sorrow and guilt... and we want to help! We hope you will, too! Thanks!


Hello, my name is Linda Martin-Peoples of Lavergne, TN, for TIPI Turtle Island Project Innocence.  You probably know my husband Richard and me personally from VetsNiteOut, a 501(c)3 Corp. registered in the State of Tennessee, USA,  or maybe from our Annual “Ride to Remember” Alzheimers Benefits, or maybe from other different fundraisers we've done, our own personal profiles, or  'Helping Our Own First' ,  on Facebook. 

While our efforts are primarily focused on enhancing the lives of Disabled Veterans residing in Nursing Homes, something very grave has come to our attention that we feel very strongly about and feel compelled to try to help with, too.

If you have a few minutes, would you please watch the video on this page?  It is about “The Yankton 4” and what happened to them.  Four Native American family members from the Yankton Sioux Indian Reservation in Marty South Dakota - who were wrongfully accused and convicted of heinous crimes in 1994!  They were sentenced to 30+ years in prison – and were too proud, honorable and INNOCENT to accept any bogus plea deals - so they are still there…rotting in prison ... over 20 years later…totally forgotten…and hardly anyone cares!  Were they just sitting around, raising their families, going to work, minding their own business...and BAM??? Well yeah...but they were also strongly complaining about how the CASINO run by the Reservation was being operated money was being skimmed off the top...and how what was promised was NOT getting to the children and the elders...(B-A-D MOVE!!)

It is a horrible story...and I hope it pisses you off as much as it does us!

This is just plain WRONG ... it is unconscionable ... and we are appealing to you for help!

We have INNOCENT Native American men and women rotting in prison! 

For YEARS!  Set up!  Railroaded!  Unjustly accused and wrongly convicted! 

They have no voice…no one wants to hear it…they are just locked away and FORGOTTEN!  It is UNCONSCIONABLE what has been done to American Indians from the very beginning…and something like this adds more insult to injury!

TIPI Turtle Island Innocence Project is their voice!  CEO Annegret James Rouse works tirelessly … day in and day out… gathering new evidence and trying to right some of these wrongs.  Word spreads quickly in prison…if you are truly innocent, reach out to Anna…she will try to help you! How much does she charge for everything she does?  NOTHING.  NADA.  Not even for her actual expenses.

Her own husband, Artist Desmond Rouse (Stone Heart), is a victim of this grave injustice…and thru him, she has come to set up TIPI Turtle Island Project Innocence to help many others, as well.  She has spent her own money trying to help so many helpless and hopeless people who have nowhere to turn… but she cannot continue to be effective without some help herself. 

VetsNiteOut has become aware of some of these outrageous cases…more of man’s unconscionable inhumanity to man…It is embarrassing to see what has been done to some of these people by those who have authority over them…and it is gut-wrenching to realize that very little can be done…the system is not set up to recognize the innocent, wrongly accused and convicted.  It is just easier to lock them up and throw away the key.  Lives get destroyed … families ripped apart … left on their own to fend for themselves… children sink further into poverty…helplessness and hopelessness prevail. Some of the cases are so old even the Lawyers are not interested in trying to do anything with them…. (too much ‘work’, not enough pay.)

But Anna does it.  She digs up new evidence, gets statements from experts, picks apart the cases for “mistakes” and downright prosecutorial misconduct! She gets affadavits signed and notarized, writes Briefs and does other paperwork for these innocent people who cannot help themselves.  She is their only hope.  Most of their families live on Indian Reservations, are not very well educated, and have no resources to do anything to help them anyway.  And some don’t even try to help … they just accept it as something they can do absolutely nothing about.  More hopelessness and despair.

It has been likened to genocide.

And sometimes some of the Tribal leaders have their own agendas and would prefer to keep them where they are, too!  Corruption can be very far-reaching.

We believe in the TIPI Turtle Island Project Innocence and are lending our support. It has to stop somewhere…someone has to stand up…someone has to care.

“We know we can’t do everything … but together we can do something!”

We hope you will join us is raising funds for this worthy cause! 


P.S. In the words of Desmond Rouse's long-time friend, Bill Decker, 

"Friends, as God is my witness, and on my Mother’s life…I SWEAR TO YOU that these boys are innocent!  Desmond is my best friend ... I know his whole family ... have for YEARS!  Desmond’s Wife, Annegret (Anna for short), with the help of their Niece, Lucritia Rouse  , has tirelessly spent the past 5+ years acquiring everything we need to prove their INNOCENCE!  We just need to get a lawyer to take it all to a Hearing…and Anna has even found one who is interested in the case!  He is in Texas and is on the Board of an Innocence Project there.  Now all we need to do is put together some money to get it handled!"

"My old 1985 Harley FLHT that Desmond and I rode to Sturgis on in 1992 is still sitting in my garage! I sure would like to ride with him at least one more time again before old age gets the best of me!"

"We can’t do it without you all … we know, cuz we’ve been trying…for a very long time!  I pray you will help!  THANKS! ~ Bill Decker, Literberry, Illinois



(You can find us all on Facebook:  Linda Martin-Peoples, Richard M. Peoples, Sr.,  Anna N Dez Rouse, VetsNiteOut, TIPI Turtle Island Project Innocence (Page and Group), Helping Our Own First.) 

For umpteen bunches of videos and documents on the subject on YouTube ... just search for

Freedom 4 Yankton 4 ... or ... Desmond Rouse.

God Bless and THANK YOU for your help! 

(Please add "TIPI" in the Comments with your Donations! Thanks!)