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VetTechTrek deploys veterans and their spouses inside of startups and technology companies. Tax ID 81-0781248


VetTechTrek is a community of military veterans and spouses supporting each other to get technology jobs.

A typical trek is an immersive experience inside of 10 companies in different industries in just 2 days. VTT crafted partnerships with 60 of the world's greatest companies to provide insights into the hiring pipeline that are gapped by current transition resources.  We found the difference makers who care about hiring veterans inside of each company and provide inside access to our trek participants. 

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You may already know this, but veterans tend to stick together. Maybe it’s part of our basic training, but the camaraderie developed as a result of shared experiences — and often hardships and struggle — is felt long after we take off the uniform. And while we might be harder to pick out in a business suit or in a startup hoodie, our sense of community doesn’t fade.

That’s our mission. We are growing and nurturing a community ofpassionate doers with winning mentalities and getting them ready to have immediate impact after serving their country. We do the legwork for the tech companies out there that want to be a part of our community.

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The meetings are high touch. We take about 20 trekkers to 10–12 companies over 2 days, so the schedule is fine-tuned a few weeks ahead of time. Leading up to the engagement with a company, we help the veterans update their LinkedIn profiles and go over the expectations, dos, and don’ts for what may be their first foray into the corporate world. We’ll send our hosts (ideally veterans at the company, senior executives, and recruiters) a curated biography book a week before the visit so they can get to know our participants.

When we have our lineup confirmed our host companies get recognized. Some of these companies may be established leaders in their field and have strong ties to the defense industry or may have an established veteran employee resource group. Some of the companies we visit are tech startups that need experienced, operationally-minded managers to help scale their business.

Regardless of a company’s current affiliation with veteran initiatives, hosting VetTechTrek provides a hugely beneficial social utility. And bonus points if the company has already made a commitment to hire vets.

We create reliable pipelines for recruiters and diversity professionals. Employers and hiring professionals may be familiar with the benefits that the Department of Veterans Affairs outlines. Not to minimize the explicit economic incentives, but we’d rather focus on what veterans can contribute at a technology company.

All of the veterans and spouses on VetTechTrek are selected for their prior leadership experience, proven commitment to excellence, and established track records of success.

What you may not be aware of is that almost all veterans have deep expertise in one or more of the following disciplines:

  • mechanical, electrical, systems, and computer engineering
  • operations, logistics, procurement, supply chain management
  • human resources, payroll, recruiting, training

But nearly every veteran you’ll talk with has led teams and made decisionsin rapidly-changing environments with imperfect information. And they probably did so halfway across the world.

If you're a veteran, we'd love to host you on a future trek. And if you’re ready to hire a veteran, we’d be happy to connect you with dozens of unbelievably talented military veterans and spouses that are ready to begin their post military careers in the technology sector.

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