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VICN Technology Upgrade. Donors Matched up to $100,000!

Team Member: Manolis Sfinarolakis

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Manolis Sfinarolakis wrote -

My name is Manolis Sfinarolakis, the Founder of Reality Crowd TV, and I request that you please read the story about this fundraiser all the way through till the end. I promise it will be worth it!

The mission of my company is to inform, educate, inspire, and motivate entrepreneurs worldwide to start small businesses through crowdfunding and to provide a blueprint on how to crowdfund. Since I quit my safe and secure job back on Christmas Eve 2013, I have been going full time using my own resources to the tune of $80,000 over the last nearly two years to live the mission of my company.

Throughout that time, my company has created a web based series with over 80 episodes to date, engaged in a nationwide 9 state tour from January to April 2014, assisted dozens of entrepreneurs with campaigns of their own, and recently launched two new initiatives to kick off 2015.

We have been recognized as a 2014 Tech Company to Watch by the Connecticut Innovation Summit, 1 of 32 regional finalists in the Comcast Innovations for Entrepreneurs competition, and personally have been mentioned in local, regional, and national publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, and the Hartford Business Journal.

Now, we need your help to take our latest 2015 initiative known as "VICN" to the next level!

Synopsis: Reality Crowd TV has developed a Virtual Incubator & Crowdfunding Network (VICN) for Startups to learn how to crowdfund. Our program is designed to bring startups from start to successful crowdfunding finish in 6 months or less! The platform allows entrepreneurs to track & share their progress, get the latest growth hacking tricks from community mentors, or ask the integrated startup community for help.

Traction: Since January 2015, we have grown the community from 0 to nearly 3,200 members! Members enjoy a free platform where they ask questions using our Questons & Answers application and gain access to our free educational webinars to teach them how to not only fund their business through crowdfunding, but also to build and plan a sustainable startup business, nonprofit, or other passionate endeavor. We also recently hired two members of our community as the first official "Community Manager" and "Events Coordinator" as another way to give back to our loyal community of innovators who never cease to inspire us to continue forward. Feel free to see for yourself the traction of our humble group at

We have reached a point in the platform's development where we have outgrown our current technology solution which is an out of the box software as a service. It has done it's job to show us the value of creating a community such as this one, but as we grow larger daily, the platform has some major limitations that will not allow our community members to gain the full benefit of participating in the platform.

Now, I NEED your help. We have never asked for money for our own business because until now, we were able to fund our own development. I didn't feel right running a fundraising campaign in the past for my company because I always felt that others needed the funding more than we did.

That changed however once I met with the head of the Department of Economic Development in CT when they informed me that Crowdfunding is an eligible funding source to receive a dollar for dollar matching grant from the State of Connecticut up to $100,000, the details of which can be seen here:

As noted in that fact sheet, the State of Connecticut will match any funds that we raise in crowdfunding that we put towards are business dollar for dollar for any amounts raised from $10,000 up to $100,000! Because the VICN platform has outgrown itself quickly, this revelation of the matching grant program could not have come at a better time. To bring our platform to the next level and quickly, this is the best option for us to ask for the first time of our community to contribute, share, and raise funds on our behalf for the betterment of the whole.

The $100,000 that we hope to raise directly on this page will be matched by $100,000 from the State of Connecticut, solidifying our commitment to the VICN community and providing us the necessary capital to hire more employees both within the VICN community as well as within the State of Connecticut. It also allows us to build a completely custom and proprietary technology platform better suited to address the needs of the over 3,200 members of VICN that come to us from all over the world.

Most importantly of all, raising funding from you, my friends, family, colleagues, and the general global public allows me to not sacrifice the mission of my company by going the corporate angel & venture capital route for this venture during this early and important stage of development. I know that it is uncomfortable to most people when they are asked to support someone financially and I will tell you right now that I feel the most uncomfortable of all for asking from help from you today. I want to let you know that I love you no matter if you contribute or not, and if you are leaning towards not contributing, then there are other ways that you can help by sharing the campaign to anyone who would listen on Social Media or email.

In fact, aside from contributing financially to the cause, the next best way to help this effort would be to click the button that says "Fundraise for this campaign". It will automagically create your own page for my fundraiser that will count the contributions that you bring in personally to the campaign.

For those who are able to raise funding on our behalf as a member of our team through the "Fundraise for this campaign" button, I would like to provide you with these rewards which are based on how much you raise at the end of the campaign through your individual fundraising page as a heartfelt thank you for your efforts in promoting us! (Be sure to join the team before contributing as well so that your own contribution can count as part of your overall total):


Receive an all-inclusive ticket to our 100% online crowdfunding summit set to take place in November 2015 along with all of the recordings of the event.


Receive a 1 hour consultation from me on any business topic of your choice, from crowdfunding, to marketing, to business development. Redeem anytime you wish.


Either sponsor 1 webinar or be a guest on 1 webinar hosted during the year in front of our thousands of members in our community. Topic relevance required.


A funding party will be held in NYC after the fundraiser and you will be a VIP guest at the party with me and recognized for your awesome work!


Admittance to the entities future advisory board as an honorary member. You will have exclusive insights & partnership opportunities not available to others.  Meetings to be held quarterly.


All previous contributions plus admittance into a monthly mastermind group and access to me anytime you need it for whatever reason for 1 year.  I will help you run your own campaign at no cost at this level, or set your marketing for your business up to succeed.

NOTE:  The above reward levels I am offering are on top of the Crowdrise points you earn for helping campaigns raise funding on this site and may be redeemed here:

Thank you very much for your support in my efforts to bring my business to its next evolution. These funds will be invaluable not only to me personally, but to the over 3,200 members who will be enjoying the benefits of these funds through either direct hiring of additional employees from within the VICN community and/or through upgrades to the technology platform to give them the tools and resources they need to achieve their hopes and dreams through crowdfunding!

Kind Regards,


Manolis Sfinarolakis

Founder & CEO RCTV / VICN



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