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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this crowdfund campaign is to provide emergency/survival funds to Vic (Victor) Tiffany, along with his family, until his ongoing Social Security Disability case is settled. This aid will be needed to sustain them for a period of approximately one year, and possibly longer. These funds will be used for: 1) Emergency expenses, such as keeping rent paid, and utilities turned on, 2) Immediate needs of family members, such as school-related expenses, and purchasing medical machines/equipment not covered by insurance (see Schedule “C”), and 3) Other needs, such as paying bills that have accumulated during the past 3 years, preparing for more operations, etc (see Schedule “D”). Medical authorities, have not permitted Vic to work since 2013. After his pacemaker was implanted, in 2014, his cardiologist told him to apply for Social Security Disability, because he “should never work again.” As a result, Vic retained professional representation in a Social Security Disability case. Today, Vic's life revolves around a regimen of medication, medical equipment, medical machines (see Schedule “C”), and ongoing appointments with his primary care physician, several specialists, and therapists. He has been living with Congestive Heart Failure (a weakened heart) since 1996, Diabetes Type II since 1997, along with several other conditions (see Schedule “B”). Vic's and his family's most immediate needs are to raise $1,000.00 by September 1, 2016, to keep his electricity turned on, his rent paid, as well as the beginning of meeting the needs of his daughter, and to start to work on the remainder of their debts (see Schedule “A”). Won't you please open your heart, and your wallet, and give generously to help another in need? Please help today!!! Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to show you care, by reading this message. Chances are we haven't met yet, which makes me feel even more grateful that you are considering my request. I may know nothing more about you, yet I know one important thing: you are a decent person, who recognizes that you, being who you are, are committed to helping others, regardless of if no one else lends a hand (keep reading). “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.... “Nobody made a greater mistake than s/he who did nothing because s/he could do only a little.“ - Sir Edmund Burke I would add that a “younger sibling” to that mistake is not acting because a person is certain “someone else” will get the job done, so s/he doesn't need to get involved. Nothing could be further from the truth! Every little bit helps! In my experience, things of this nature are successful when a lot of people recognize these truths, get involved, and get the job done—with many people giving a little—along with others giving a lot. Please heed the call and get involved today! (read on). I'll stop preaching to the choir—the converted and committed—and tell you what I need. Here is my dilemma: I have various severe, chronic, health issues (see Schedule “B”), and I have not worked since 2013, with bills stacking up, and no way to pay them. An active case is ongoing with the Social Security Administration, begun more than 2 years ago. I am still awaiting a favorable decision, and a date when I will begin to receive my funds, from their office. My doctors have told me I need more operations (see Schedule “D”). I need to use crowdfunding to secure more money before I do. My teenage daughter lives with a relative in a city an hour away, and attends high school there. I rarely see her, because I have no money available to make the trip. All of this has been a hardship on everyone involved, as I have been unable to support her in more than 3 years. It is my desire that she and I could spend more time together, enjoying the type of relationship we should have, as father and daughter. Additionally, I wish I had the means to give her a more “normal” teenage experience, with her financial needs covered, including helping her to participate more fully in activities she really loves, and she needs funds to cover fees and activities (like singing in the school choir). People tell me, “At least you're not homeless!” That depends on your definition of “homeless!” I have had no permanent location to call home in 3 years. I have stayed in 6 different places since January 1, 2016, alone—on average, moving about once per month! A very kind and generous soul recently provided me with a place to stay, as long as I want (an older mobile home, which looks like heaven to me). That means I have a place to securely keep and use my medical machines and equipment—and I must use them—to stay as healthy as possible (see Schedule “C”). To remain here, I only need to keep up with the lot rental and electric bill—which calls for a miracle—as there is no money on hand to cover them! A church paid for my deposits, so I could move in, and my electricity will be shut off if I do not pay my bill the first week of September, with my lot rental coming due at the same time. FAQs Wouldn't it make more sense to give up on the Social Security Disability claim, and go to work? In 2014, when my pacemaker was implanted, my cardiologist told me I should never work again. He told me I wouldn't be the same, and that I should always have a caretaker with me 24/7. Earlier this year, my cardiologist told me that, while my heart function has improved (because of the pacemaker), I am “still sick.” I also have several other conditions, which weren't discovered until after my pacemaker was implanted, which addressed my biggest health concern, at that time, which had, seemingly, overshadowed all of the others (see Schedule “B”). The Social Security Administration's Disability Determination Process takes time, probably to weed out those who aren't in the greatest of need of their assistance, while those who cannot work again, and truly need assistance, suffer along with the others. This process involves seeing my primary care physician, along with my necessary specialists, and reporting any and all testing, x-rays, etc., and going to medical professionals the Administration requires. No one can tell me when all of this will end—“It's over when it's over!” seems to sum it up! I am hopeful it ends soon, but I have no way of knowing. I do not know what will become of me, if this case isn't decided favorably, very soon, if I cannot get some additional help. I cannot work, nor can I kiss 3 years of waiting and progress goodbye. I am asking help from you good folks! Won't you please help someone in need? Why are you crowdfunding now? What's changed? Those are reasonable and fair questions to ask. I'll answer them in reverse order: What's changed? Over the past 3 years, my whole life has changed. I have had to beg for money and other things, from people I didn't know, on numerous occasions, just to get what I needed to get by. I have lived in the homes of strangers who took me in, fed me, washed my clothes, and even gave me other clothes to wear (I was getting kind of thin!)—good, decent and selfless people, expecting nothing in return—which was good, because I had nothing I could give them. Since landing where I am now, I feel safe, protected, comforted...I feel “at home!” I am able to control my little world: keep my own schedule, not have to worry about upsetting another family's home life, or having to walk on eggshells to avoid breaking some unknown household rule. I have nearly everything I need within walking distance, and the bus stops here, to take me the other places I need to go (post office, library, etc.). I told my friend who helped me get in here, “It's a slice of heaven, compared to what I've had lately!” It's nice. It's peaceful. It's very restful, after what I have endured previously! I am hopeful it can continue. Will you please help me to do that? Why are you crowdfunding now? I recently discovered crowdfunding. I first sought out lawsuit funding to meet my needs while awaiting a favorable decision, only to learn that lawsuit funding is now illegal to be used for a Social Security Disability claim. After learning that was a dead end, I next turned to a referral service I have access to, for guidance. They did some research on available options, and then they recommended crowdfunding. Before “jumping in,” I did my own research, realizing not all crowdfunding platforms are the same. Crowdrise got my attention, because of what they offer to their customers, so, here I am! I learned about the advantages of Crowdrise, as a means of raising funds for situations like mine, and I've read the success stories of others. I am hopeful and excited that I can have a similar outcome—with your help. So, please help me! Thank you! Vic Tiffany SCHEDULE “A” PLEASE HELP ME TO ACHIEVE MY GOALS, WON'T YOU? September 1st $1,000+ in donations, to be used as follows: $250 for my daughter's care $500 to be used for rent and utilities. $250 towards debts September 15th $15,000+ in donations (total to date)), to be used as follows: $1,000 for my daughter's care, for 4 months $2,000 to be used for rent and utilities, for 4 months $11,000 towards debts October 31st $35,000+ in donations (total to date)), to be used as follows: $3,000 for my daughter's care, for 12 months $6,000 to be used for rent and utilities, for 12 months $11,000 towards debts Please help me have my life back on track, before the Holiday Season. That will make for the nicest Christmas present I've had in years!!! SCHEDULE “B” DISEASES/CONDITIONS: Congestive Heart Failure (CHF—weak heart) Cardiac Arrest (heart stopped beating, 09/04/14) Sleep Apnea (stop breathing while sleeping) Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib, heart quivers, instead of beating normally) Ventricular Fibrillation (V-Fib, heart quivers, instead of beating normally) Parkinson's Disease ( affects nerves, tremors, weakness, etc.) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD, relive flashbacks of former traumatic experiences) Diabetes Type II (too much sugar in the blood, which makes it sticky, causing many problems, including premature aging) Fibromyalgia (extremely painful and difficult to move, if not sufficiently medicated) Anxiety (Highly stressful situations don't work well for me) Asthma (extreme difficulty breathing, caused by various triggers) Depression (Extreme sadness, at times) Osteoarthritis (Cartilage in both knees is worn out) Hypertension (a.k.a., High Blood Pressure) Neuropathy (Damaged nerves, caused by CHF and Diabetes Type II) Multiple Allergies (Environmental, medications, pet dander, food) Edema (swelling in limbs/extremities) Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS-involuntary movements in legs, when not medicated) Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD-reflux, heartburn) Peptic Ulcer (unconfirmed—taking prescribed medication--have had previously--stomach begs for something to coat it) Narcolepsy (unconfirmed—pending further testing--can easily fall asleep anywhere, anytime, doing anything) SCHEDULE “C” MEDICAL MACHINES/EQUIPMENT: CURRENTLY HAVE: St. Jude Medical CRT-ICD Pacemaker Merlin@home™ Transmitter | St. Jude Medical CPAP machine Glucometer Hospital bed 2-wheeled walker cane NEED: Electric Sphygmomanometer Oximeter Over-the-bed table Shower grab bar(s) SCHEDULE “D” PENDING OPERATIONS: Spine Right knee replacement Left knee replacement Veins in both legs FUTURE OPERATION: CRT-ICD Pacemaker replacement


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