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CROWDRISE : Mar 03, 2015
Tax ID: 46-2831162
BASED: Bristol, PA, United States


Supporting our Veterans

"Our Mission is to Help our Homeless and Mentally Disabled Veterans have the Maximum Opportunity to enjoy life after a career of Military Service to their Country."

The Victor O Foundation is named after Bridget Johnson’s brother Victor Owen Johnson who was killed shortly after getting off a subway train in New York , NY.
The Victor O Foundation is a very big dream and we hope to bring awareness to the ”HOMELESS and MENTALLY DISABLED VETERANS.'" For a homeless Veterans living on the streets emergency room care becomes primary care. Emergency room visits by homeless veterans are frequent and costly. This charity will help save taxpayers several millions of dollars per year in hospital emergency room visits from homeless Veterans.
Having proper nutrition and shelter, the mentally disabled veterans can be taken care of and not incur unnecessary cost to taxpayer. Homeless veterans living on the street is a problem in ever large US City, and most of these homeless Veterans are mentally disabled.
The Victor O Foundation aim is to help support an affordable environment for our mentally disabled and homeless veterans, so that they can have the MAXIMUM OPPORTUNITY, to enjoying life after a career of military service to their Country. Take a peek  at what “Victor O Foundation” is doing and what it means to be an homeless Veteran. Thank You. please donate at least $5.00 to this cause. We also take non-perishable foods, clothing and household products, Just keep watching out for any active drive we will be having. So lets honor our Veteran. We thank you all for your support.

Tax ID: 46-2831162 •


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