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CROWDRISE : Jul 20, 2012
Tax ID: 66-0463223
BASED: Vieques, PR, United States



Send Them Home

Donate now to give every shelter dog a chance to travel to their forever home. Vieques Island is a remote island in the Caribbean off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. Animals in our shelter must be flown to the United States for adoption. Please help us send them home and give them the chance at a long happy life.

The Vieques Humane Society and Animal Rescue (VHSAR) of Vieques, Puerto Rico would love to raise enough money to cover the cost of transport for EVERY dog in our shelter.  Transport is the trip of a lifetime for a Vieques Island dog — sending that dog from the shelter to a forever home in the continental United States. It means a chance to live a long and healthy life.


Vieques has thousands of stray and unwanted animals that roam the streets, jungles, and beaches suffering unimaginable challenges. VHSAR works continuously on this issue by offering free spay and neuter for 2014 and 2015, low cost veterinary care, and sanctuary and shelter to over 100 dogs, 30 cats, and 3 horses at the VHSAR facility. Some of the shelter dogs have been waiting over 5 years for their forever homes.  And pressure increases daily with new surrenders, rescues, and emergencies coming directly from the streets and barrios. 


90% of adoptions occur off island in the United States. That means...a substantial travel fund is absolutely necessary. VHSAR has an experienced Adoption and Transport Manager who is able to coordinate the multiple travel logistics involved in getting the dogs from the shelter to the main island of Puerto Rico, then to the San Juan airport and on to their forever homes.  To get off of Vieques Island our animals and volunteers must either take a 1.5 hour ferry boat ride or charter a small private flight to the main island. Our volunteers are seasoned veterans of this travel process. The only piece missing is funding for the transports.  


Many dogs sit and wait, even though there are places in the States ready to receive them.  If VHSAR could raise enough money to cover transport costs, every dog would have a chance to “go home.”  American Airlines and United/Continental Airlines are the two cargo providers VHSAR works with. United/Continental Airlines has climate controlled cargo holds, enabling year-round transport regardless of temperatures. Travel costs range from 200-500 dollars per dog, depending on size and destination. Please save a life and send a dog home - DONATE TO VHSAR's "SEND THEM HOME" campaign, and give every dog a chance to fly!  


BONUS News! The organization to raise the most money between September 29 and October 30 is awarded a $50k bonus, 2nd place receives $20k, and 3rd place receives $10k. Other incentives announced weekly at

Tax ID: 66-0463223 •


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Help! Get Them Ready for For…

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