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Do Hung's Fundraiser:

Give 1,000 Smile Asia in Myanmar

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BENEFITING: Children of Vietnam

EVENT DATE: May 20, 2017


Do Hung


"A bag of candy can be enjoyed in a day, a pair of shoes can last many months, a set of clothings can be worn for years but a photo, it can retain wonderful memories for a life time"

Do you have any childhood photo memories ?

Next Trip: Myanmar - Yanggon Division - Thilawar and Shwepyi Thar (19/5 -22/5) 
Vietnam Free Foto For Children is a charity project of photographer team who brought DSLR Camera, Lens, printers, laminator machine into the remote and poor mountain hamlets and villages in order to take photo and printer for each child a portrait. The quality of these pictures is ensured that they were taken via professional and semi-professional cameras by experienced photographers who are educated about the portrait. The pictures gave to the children are printed in the best- quality printing paper and are moulded with one layer of plastic so as to keep them long lasting with children in the hot and humid weather in Vietnam (the enduration is estimated to over 100 years). Moreover, we share and connect the information about the poor individuals and local authority that need the public’s help as well as contribute to bring the knowledge and technology to the remote areas all around Vietnam.

Vietnam Free Foto For Children Project is known as the non-profit project operating in photography and children aspect from 2013 by Do Hung an young photographer from Vietnam. Vietnam Free Foto For Children project follow the spirtiual value, the usefullness and sharing in order to bring childhood smiles for poor children through the power of the photography.

Link of short Video: 
Why : 10,000 faces ??? 
The number “10.000 children” originated from the inspiration through the documentary film named “Vietnam: The 10,000 day war” of Mr. Michael Maclear, the Canadian director about war documentary film. Each of the child’s smiles takes the role of “a gravel” which relieves the misery and losses caused by the War. The most important motivation for us to accomplish this project is that many of mountainous and remote children, they’re have never been taken their pictures until the second decade of 21st century. It is very pity that there was no pictures during the childhood time of each person. We expect that every of the child all over the world was born with the happiness of having a portrait of themselves. 

The project has accomplished first goal that we took photographs and printed them freely for over 10,000 poor children in Vietnam; hundreds of ethnic people; teachers from schools in 135 villages highland in the North of Vietnam in Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Son La, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Cao Bang, Lang Son, Hoa Binh, Kon Tum. We realized that not only children in remote areas in Vietnam but also those in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa have never owned a portrait. Therefore, our project has recently been expanding in some developing countries in Southeast Asia such as Laos (Larng Kong) and Myanmar Free Foto For Children (Myanmar) in 2015.

During the next time, next target we're prepare for new project "Asia Free Foto For Children" but very difficult for fundraising.

we continuously carry out the project to the remote villages, enhance the cooperation with some other volunteer groups and clubs. The project also encourages the charity groups to join together in order for more and more children to receive their own childhood portraits. We are also expanding the effect of the project through some poor villages in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. Some activities include teaching the photograph class for children in some primary schools, enhancing the connection and mutual knowledge about ASEAN culture, children via ASEAN Photography Windows project. 


- Foundation date: 20/03/2014 (March 20th, 2014). 
- Some of the project’s names: 
+ Vietnamese name: Dự án chụp ảnh chân dung cho 10,000 trẻ em nghèo Việt Nam 
+ English name: Vietnam Free Foto For Children/ Asia Free Foto For Children 
+ English short name: VFFFC 
+ Slogan: "Bring smiles to the World"

Printing paper fundrasing program for 2017 
In the upcoming 2017, Vietnam Free Foto For Children Project will implement take the portrait for children in mountainous of Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. The trip will associate with the MFFC (Myanmar) Larng Korng (Lao) Asean Photography Windows with the expection of taking childhood portraits for children in all villages. Each child will receive their own picture, gifts and other fun extracurricular activities. 
The quantities of paper needed to fundraise for the upcoming event: 
100 boxes of Canon KP 108 printing paper: 30$/box= 60.000.000 (3000$) for 10,800 photo papers 
04 Canon Selphy CP900 printing machines: 130$/unit= 10,400,000 (520$) 
01 Big Printer Canon Pixma PRO 100: 450$/unit= 10,000,000 (450$) offline for Family photo and school photo 
04 Laminator mini: 60$/unit=4.800.000 (240$) 
Travel fee, meal and photographer contribute by Vietnam Free Foto For Children Project

Total need your support : 4210$

Next, we will have some programs for financing as follows: 
- Post card “Bring Smiles to the world” Program: We implement the project with the aim of bringing 100.000 smiles to all the friends all over the world 
- The account number that receives the direct fundraising: 
Account Number: 4450 9300 0262 7466 
Bank: HSBC Hanoi - Vietnam 
or Account Number: 190 2634 6966 017 
Bank: Techcombank- Ly Nam De- Hoan Kiem- Ha Noi 
Swift Code: VTCBVNVX

And via website : 
Hope that we will get all your support for the expansion of our program and more childhood of poor children will be recognized through their photos !

Program details: 
Phone number : 0901 72 72 68 (9-21h) or 0985 67 39 16 ( After 17h30) 
Facebook : Vietnam Free Foto For Children 
Vietnam Free Foto For Children thanks for your considertion!





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