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Village Productions Performing Arts

Village Productions' mission is to provide learning opportunities through the living arts. Our goal is to create classes and programs in movement, music, crafts, nature, ecology and life skills that support healthy development of children, families and individuals. Our objective is to support and strengthen the Amesville community. Tax ID 31-1622975


Village Productions Board Members Pledge $2,500.00 to Building Improvements
In 2017 the biggest news was that Village Productions purchased the Grange Building. After the purchase, VP did a major restoration of the studio ceiling by removing the remaining acoustic tile and restoring the pressed tin sections. Also, the stage was enlarged and walls were repaired to create a grand appearance for the entire upstairs studio. Future plans include replacing the fire escape, an upgraded HVAC system, improvements to the kitchen and façade of the building. These improvements will allow us to provide expanded programming and many new events.

Fundraising Campaigns