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The mission of The Village of Arts and Humanities is to amplify the voices and aspirations of the community by providing arts-based opportunities for self expression and personal success that engage our North Philadelphia community, revitalize physical space in our neighborhood, and preserve black heritage. Tax ID 22-3045318


The Village is a vital community asset of 15 art parks and ten program buildings, annually impacting more than 1200 community residents, enlisting the help of 400 volunteers, and engaging more than 550 youth. We are the largest provider of free arts, culture, and environmental programs to residents in our target area, which is the 260-square block area of the Fairhill-Hartranft neighborhood of North Philadelphia (bordered by 5th and Broad Streets, Diamond and Glenwood Avenues.) Our neighborhood is considered one of the highest crime and highest need areas in the city, with one of the highest incarceration and recidivism rates. These conditions amount to critical socio-economic challenges for residents, who suffer from the traumatic impact of insurmountable, intergenerational poverty.

Through all of its programs and initiatives, The Village builds neighborhood capacity, creates employment opportunities, nurtures human connections, improves community health and safety, and cultivates community belonging for individuals and families. We are dedicated to building a North Philadelphia community where every person has the opportunity to be engaged in cultural activity that fosters creative thinking, builds critical skills, and expands their view of the future. The Village values the power of art as its most powerful and effective tool for catalyzing healthy and sustainable change. Our legacy is anchored in artist-facilitated community building. Over 30 years, our work has evolved from a focus primarily on arts education and land transformation to a broader and more intentional commitment to increasing all residents' access to tools for creative self-actualization.