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Village clean water projects

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EVENT DATE: Nov 10, 2013


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We believe that one of the greatest differences we can make in Africa is in providing consistent access to local, clean water. As you read the real life success stories below, you will clearly understand why and how we undertake village water projects, and you will also discover how you can easily help to save and improve lives through the gift of clean water.

WHY WATER?: Because there is a lack of clean water in many rural villages in Africa, water-borne and water-based diseases are a primary cause of preventable illness and premature deaths, with children being particularly vulnerable. In addition, during the dry season, hundreds of collective hours can be spent each week in transporting this unclean water, by hand, from surface water sources such as rivers and swamps to the villages; this same time could be spent doing more productive activities, such as attending school or growing crops. The partnership effort to install a bore hole with hand pump in each village immediately improves the health and well-being of everyone in the village, even saving lives. In addition to health benefits and resulting increased productivity, the local water source allows for a reallocation of time toward more productive activities, as well as allowing for cultivation of vegetable crops throughout the year through irrigation. It can also provide a source of revenue that will be used to increase the quality of life in the village, including education, medical care, and access to technology. Yes, clean water makes an extraordinary difference. But as we have worked in partnership with the communities is has become very evident it isn't just about water. It is about participatory community development, empowerment and sustainability, all based on sharing concepts of self reliance, economic cooperation, and proactive improvement of the common good.

WHAT IS A CLEAN WATER WELL? Clean ground water can be obtained in villages with a hand-dug well or with a bore hole well. Hand dug wells are holes in the ground that have been dug with tools to a maximum depth of 40', then finished off by lining with concrete culverts and covering with a pad and hand pump.  When the water table is too deep to reach by hand digging a bore hole is required to access clean water. Bore holes are drilled deep into the ground (85+ meteres) using motorized equipment, in the location that hydrogeological surveying indicated was likely to contain underground water. Pipes are then installed into the hole to protect the water, a concrete pad is installed over the hole, and a hand pump is installed to allow clean water to be brought to the surface. Africa Heartwood Project has experience with bore holes and hand dug wells, and has a trusted network of water contractors on call for when funds are ready for the next project.

HOW WE WORK: We are always prepared to undertake the next Village Water Project, and invite sponsors, like you, to contribute to financing as many clean water wells as possible! In addition to the ~5% that villages must raise and contribute to the project, the process of bringing clean water to rural villages in West Africa through costs about $7,000 per bore hole (Ghana), or $2,500 per hand dug well (Liberia). Either option includes:

hydrogeological surveying to determine the location of ground water
transport of rig and drilling of bore hole or digging well
installation of pipes, walls, foundation and hand pump
training of village water committees on how to use and maintain the pump
on-site project supervision
post-installation follow up and community development training
and all labor and materials

It is helpful to look at the cost broken down by benefit over time. For example, in a village where a $2,500 water project is installed that will provide water for 150 people for the next 10 years, the costs are equivalent to:

$17 per person for the entire project, or
$1.70 per person per year, or
1/2 a penny per person per day, or
1/10th of a penny per gallon

HOW YOU CAN BRING WATER TO THE PEOPLE: We have many “in-need” rural communities requesting our assistance, who are prepared to do their part to qualify for financial support. Some are in the process of saving their 5% contribution as we seek funding sources to meet their preparation for clean water. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a bore hole in a remote village that is in need of a clean, reliable water source.




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