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is the umbrella organization for a diverse range of choral, world music and harmony singing activities under the direction of Larry Gordon and Patty Cuyler. Our choruses include Village Harmony, Northern Harmony, Boston Harmony, the Brooklyn World Music Chorus, the brand-new Chicago World Music Chorus, and our many Village Harmony Summer Camp ensembles. Tax ID 03-0352863


Village Harmony Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, is an umbrella for a range of activities, falling broadly  into four categories: 

- a school-year program sponsoring community performing and touring ensembles;
- a touring singing summer camp program for teenagers and adults;
- the semi-professional touring ensemble Northern Harmony; and
- a wide range of other music workshops and presentations, including performances and residencies by foreign teachers and touring groups.

Village Harmony programs have grown almost entirely through word of mouth, and through the wide exposure afforded by extensive touring and distribution of recordings. 

Over the years Village Harmony (and our semi-professional touring ensemble, Northern Harmony) has developed a strong international presence, through its many study/performance programs, through its many professional recordings, and through regular tours throughout North America, the UK and western Europe by its semi-professional touring ensemble, Northern Harmony.