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"The Village" Mountain Mission in Luperon, Dominican Republic is a non-profit dedicated to providing assistance for families living in extreme poverty. It hosts American-based high school, college, church and town groups and organizations for eight-day missions, mostly during the summer and alternative Spring breaks. With all of our Missions, we strive not only to meet a physical need, but also foster the bond that develops between the family and participants. The families will live in their new house for years, improving their quality of life, but the long lasting impact for the homeowner, the participants, and the community is the relationship they develop.


The Mission has three main branches of service - construction (houses and schools), education (pre-K-5th grade), and health and wellness.


The Village is excited to begin the development of a 16-acre parcel of land, with the goal of clearing an access road, building a kitchen and shelter, and digging a well.


Contributions go towards:

Staff - stipends, travel expenses, transportation

Tools - Shovels, wheelbarrows, pickaxes, saws, tape measures, levels, framing squares, hammers, work gloves, protective glasses, pry-bar/flat-bar, plyers, vice-grips, knee-pads, paint brushes and rollers, wire burshes, sandpaper, tree trimmers, scythes, machetes, chain-saws

Building supplies - lumber, concrete, nails, paint

Teaching materials - textbooks, whiteboards, markers, notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, chalk, erasers

A computer - a netbook for easy travel to write newsletters, manage tasks, keep records, keep communication with the States, and balance budgets


Misc. - Gas, maintanence of vehicles, batteries (AA, AAA, D, rechargable lithium ion), flashlights, organizers for paper records and documents


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