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CROWDRISE : Nov 02, 2010
Tax ID: 16-0743164
BASED: Rochester, NY, United States




Villa of Hope, an innovative human services organization, renews Hope to youth and families; building stronger communities.

Since 1942, Villa of Hope has risen to meet the needs of the community time and time again. Through caring for increasing numbers of young people whose lives were impacted by abuse, poverty and family histories of mental illness and drug problems, the Villa evolved into a leader in behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse treatment and trauma-informed care.

Seventy-five years later, the world and our community has changed so much.  One thing remains – our youth and families need love, they need help…they need hope. The work being done by the Villa for youth and families is absolutely critical, particularly now when our community is facing extreme poverty, deadly opioid epidemics, teen suicide, cyber-bullying, sex trafficking and violence. We know more than ever before about the consequences of trauma, how it impacts brain development in youth, and how it can tear families and communities apart. Programs at Villa of Hope are tailored to meet the needs of each youth and family to heal from trauma and renew Hope for their future. 

Seventy-five years ago, the Sisters of St. Joseph packed up over 100 kids and rode the bus out to their new home on Dewey Avenue.  They made the same promise we make today to our youth and families, “We will take care of you.”  We may have evolved in what we do and how we do it, but deep down we live the values the Villa was founded upon and continue to bring Hope to life every day.

Tax ID: 16-0743164 •


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