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CROWDRISE : Jan 09, 2013
Tax ID: 20-8986703
BASED: Highlands, NC, United States


Saving Children

Empower the children and youth of Vietnam by providing opportunities for growth through health and education projects.

The VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) is a Vietnam and USA registered 501-c3 non-governmental organization founded in 2006 to empower the children and youth of Vietnam by providing opportunities for growth and improvement through health and education programs. Programs include Heartbeat Vietnam (HBVN) which funds heart surgeries for poor children along with pre- and post-operative care including Outreach Screening Clinics into rural Vietnam; the International Symposium for Cardiac Care and other children’s health education needs, a Clinton Global Initiative that continues the education of physicians in Southeast Asia via teleconference technology; Critical Response, another Clinton Global Initiative that educates and trains emergency medical personnel in pediatric advanced life support (PALS) techniques and supplies life saving equipment for emergency rooms; A Brighter Path, an empowerment and scholarship program for disadvantaged but academically talented female ethnic minority students; and the International Management Initiative for Vietnam- an international standard management and leadership training center for Vietnamese business managers and leaders. One hundred percent of all donations to VCF/HBVN go directly to the program activities above- no deductions are made for overhead coverage. VCF encourages program participation on the part of all donors.

Since 2006 Heartbeat Vietnam has saved over 3,200 children throghout Vietnam.

Tax ID: 20-8986703 •


VinaCapital Foundation

VinaCapital Foundation

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Hand Surgeries for Congenital Malformation in Little Girl

Hand Surgeries for Congenita…

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1% Raised of $3,630 Goal