Vindicating Mary of False Charges by Government Terrorists

Organized by: Clifford Stafford

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DETROIT – Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hathaway, late of “MO’-WATER-SHUTOFFS” notoriety**, laid the blame for the global subprime mortgage meltdown of 2008  on the shoulders of Detroit residents Clifford and Mary Stafford, giving passing mention to the nation’s banks and mortgage lenders, during the couple’s  sentencing hearing Jan. 13. Mr. Stafford is a retired autoworker and Marine Corps veteran, while Mrs. Stafford is a homemaker who does credit counseling and other community services. Mary Stafford, was railroaded into a conviction by a corrupt prosecutor aided by a judge (whose sister Diane Hathaway was a Michigan Supreme Court "justice" who was convicted in 2012 of bank fraud). The charges against Mary Stafford were “False Pretenses” and "Obstruction of Justice," a 15-year felony.

“How can they say Detroit is coming back when the Detroit criminal justice system is sitting on a cesspool?” said one witness to the railroading. “Yellow crime scene tape needs to be put all around this building [the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice], an investigation must be held, and it must be shut down.” Several supporters noted that if the Deed Fraud Task Force can target community anti-foreclosure advocates like the Staffords without cause, using fabricated and fraudulent evidence, no one is safe.

Valerie Kauth, of Reliant Title, testified during the Staffords’ preliminary exam that it was NOT HER SIGNATURE AS NOTARY on a 2007 warranty deed repeatedly displayed to the jury. Broker Richard Woonton, an expert witness for the defense, testified during the trial that the entire Wells Fargo package was severely flawed and did not involve the Staffords or their company. Yet the only person Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer Douglas targeted was Mrs. Stafford, who said her signature was forged on the very same fraudulent deed as the admittedly forged notary signature.

Hathaway evidently referred to the fact that the U.S. government, using taxpayer dollars, spent at least $7 TRILLION dollars bailing out the banks involved in the meltdown. Hardly any of that trickled down; only six percent of homeowners facing foreclosure got loan modifications required by the government.  The Staffords themselves were never accused of borrowing ANY MONEY at all from either the government or Wells Fargo, and certainly not $7 trillion.  Hathaway broadly inserted a vague definition of “aiding and abetting” unspecified parties into jury instructions. His words Jan. 13 implied that they “aided and abetted” a $7 trillion theft. 

The case demonstrates the insanity of what is going on in the Charter County of Wayne, Michigan. The solution is twofold: First is to provide for the immediate need for Mary Stafford to have a legal defense. Second, is to recruit those "similarly situated" as taxpayers and residents of Wayne County to rally together to call out the people running this county as the "domestic terrorists" that they really are.  This CrowdRise fundraising site is dedicated toward the former, to provide payment for the badly needed legal defense of Mary Stafford.

Links are provided below to the latter recruitment of others in holding accountable these usurpers of constitutional power and authority otherwise granted only to a legitimate government.

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It is for people like Mary Ann Stafford – and likely you – that the Charter County of Wayne has a self-funded “errors and omissions” liability insurance policy. This insurance policy has “excess” coverage up to $15 Million beyond the first $3 Million deductible of the charter county as the policyholder.

This policy also includes a $100 Billion “terrorism” policy against acts “dangerous to human life, property, or infrastructure” that “have been committed by an individual or individuals as part of an effort to coerce the civilian population of the United States or to influence the policy or affect the conduct of the United States Government by coercion.”

In 2015, both the County Executive Warren Evans and the Michigan Governor Rick Snyder declared the Charter County of Wayne to be in a Fiscal State of Emergency. They publicly stated only three possible resolves to this dilemma: 1) Bankruptcy; 2) County Manager; and, 3) Selling off county-owned property. Each of these resolves involves the taxpayers paying for the condition of the county resulting from acts of terrorism.  

Currently, there is a case already filed against the Charter County of Wayne and its $100 Billion insurance policy that stands as a hidden alternative to the county residents and the people of the State needing to pay for these ongoing terrorists acts. In fact, it was purchased at taxpayer expense for just such a purpose

If you or someone you know believe that you have been victimized in any way by unjust or abusive government officials operating in Wayne County, then this message is for YOU!

Were you the victim of a rouge prosecutor, judge, sheriff or deputy, clerk, a lawyer of Corporation Counsel, or other person claiming or appearing to be acting as a county official or under county authority? Were you a victim of the water shutoffs or the failure of officials to heed your complaints about the conditions fostering neighborhood crime, police brutality, the profiling or displacement of Black people, the prejudicial treatment and denial of due process by attorneys and judges against poor people and people without attorneys, illegal foreclosures, or a host of other unconstitutional or human rights acts?   

If you would like to be a part of this lawsuit against the Charter County of Wayne and its $100 Billion insurance policy, please complete and submit the form below and request to get involved. 

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Novi, Michigan 48376
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I too, am a victim of the Charter County of Wayne's foreclosure antics, "EVEN AFTER DISCLOSURE" by then Deputy Treasurer, David Szymanski, stating, "The treasurer realizes there were abuses going on. People were ignoring the rules."!! (DETROIT NEWS and (Assoc. Press)MIAMI HERALD, front page article, Thursday, June 19, 2014) 3 years ago

Cornell Squires

Cornell Squires

I know this family Personally, the both Clifford and Mary are honest, hard working people human beings that's been framed by Wayne County Fraud Deed task force because I also REPORTED MY HOME had been FRAUDULENT foreclosed and STOLEN for $101.00 dollars back on December 8. 2010, I had reported this fraudulent mortgage sale and Sheriff Deed with Ralph Leggat who wasn't a Deputy Sheriff, but his name appears on the Deed of the Clifford Stafford property also! The Corruption involves the Wayne County Deed Task force but they're cover up the real corruption within the Fraud Deed Task Force. Both the prosecutors office and the FBI KNOW ABOUT the truth within Wayne County. The Staffords' ARE WHISTLE-BLOWER that's BEING FRAMED! 3 years ago

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