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At VCC, we believe that church is not a function: it is a family. Our religion is only as alive as we are. So, rather than acting as an organization, we want to act as an organism. We are a fellowship on an adventure towards the stuff of God. Church means worshipping God together, studying the Bible together, fixing our cars together, hiking together, eating together, playing together, praying together... enjoying the warmth of the Holy Spirit in all parts of our lives together, not just in appointed meeting times. Tax ID 58-2591362


Everything we are and do can be expressed in this statement: God embracing people.

We are founded on the belief that church is relevant to people today, and that through the church God demonstrates his love, forgiveness and power to the world. We focus on finding people hungry for his love, bringing them into relationship with Jesus Christ and his friends, the church, and then equipping every person in the church to find their niche in God’s work and help build his family. We center on the main and plain directives taught in Scripture and traditionally practiced by the historical church, while at the same time conducting church life in ways that are significant and meaningful to our generation.

Visit our 'Get to Know VCC' page from the link below for more information on the nuts and bolts of our church.