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Virginia Center For Restorative Justice

We see conflict as an opportunity for empowering, transforming, and healing people and their communities. Through evidence-based approaches to conflict transformation, we strive to rebuild communities and individuals by mitigating the school-to-prison pipeline and mass incarceration. Tax ID 27-3303155


We are passionate about transforming conflict and leveraging it to make better, stronger, and safer communities and neighborhoods. To reach these goals, we utilized restorative justice principles and practicess. At its core, restorative justice is a form of conflict transformation that emphasizes healing, rather than retribution, for people who have committed harm, those who have been harmed, and their communities. To do this, we provide innovative, cooperative, and restorative ways to resolve differences and promote healing. Specifically, we do the following activities to meet our mission and purpose:

  1. provide restorative justice services to schools, juvenile courts, jails and prisons, and churches;
  2. train facilitators to provide the services necessary;
  3. educate the community about restorative justice, its uses and its benefits; and
  4. foster policies that enhance opportunities for restorative justice to be implemented.