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Virginia Donkey Rescue

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Virginia Donkey Rescue's mission is to prevent donkey neglect, abuse, abandonment and to keep donkeys from ending up at auctions and kill pens in the State of Virginia, which is a growing issue. The donkeys that end up at auction are often shipped out of the country for slaughter, or oversees to the donkey hide trade (yes, that is as horrible as it sounds).

Our goals are to address the issues that cause neglect, abuse, and abandonment in the first place by providing current and future donkey owners and welfare advocates with education, resources and referrals. When surrendering donkeys is the only option, we offer a safe alternative to auctions through our rescue program.

Once in our care, donkeys get the medical attention and training needed to rehabilitate them so they can be adopted as pets into permanent, loving homes. Each donkey that comes in costs an average of $355 right away (not including hay or feed), and if they are uncastrated males, that cost goes up to $550 each to include gelding. Additionally, we are offering a low and no cost gelding service for responsible owners who just need some financial assistance. Each gelding costs $250.

Our initial fundraising goal is $1000 to cover the cost of 1 intake donkey, and 2 geldings services. As more donkeys come in and more people take advantage of the gelding service, we will increase the goal accordingly. Thank you for your support of these wonderful creatures. Together, we can save them all .. at least in Virginia.



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Kimberly is working on selecting a charity so you can support Virginia Donkey Rescue.