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Visit to Angkor for the children on village in rural Cambodia

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Hello everyone! 

My name is Diego Rivera and I represent the team of workers and volunteers of a local NGO called OBT (Organization for Basic Training) that runs in Chiro Village, in the Kampong Cham province of Cambodia. 

This non-profit organization, created by Sopal Pot in 2007 to improve the living conditions of his neighbours and to provide free higher education to the children in Chiro and surroundings, does not count with stable financial support. It survives and keeps going thanks to the donations of certain individuals and some organizations as Workaway. The money they receive is invested in buildings, projects to support the community such as the recycling plastic project or the cleaning water project, payments for the teachers and the staff, and the maintenance of the already existing structures. 

Adding the fact that Kampong Cham is not a very touristic province, where families are mainly farmers and with a low level of income to travel and visit their own patrimony, makes the children of Chiro ignorant in many ways. They live in a bubble of poverty, and even though OBT gives them the chance of stepping out of it, they lack the motivation of going further because they have never seen further. The aim of this crowdfunding is precisely fighting against this cloud of ignorance, providing the children with the opportunity of seeing how the world is beyond the frontiers, not always tangible, that have been imposed on them. 

For this, we ask for your help to organize a FREE trip for the children to visit Siem Reap and Angkor's complex. In OBT we think that this will not only give them a chance to visit their own heritage and one of the world's wonders, but they will also be able to experience how the world looks like out of the small corner they are living in. We do not intend them to think in a certain way. We do not want them to see the inequalities and corruption their country is facing. We do not want them to fall in love with a model of life that they are not used to seeing. Some of them might do. But their thoughts, their dreams and their ambitions are theirs. Ours is only the power to provide them with the opportunity of growing up by facing the reality that surrounds them. 

Whichever their conclusion might be, in OBT we consider this visit will give them the chance of experiencing a kind of education they will never experience otherwise. It will pump up their will to study, and it also will strengthen their compromise with OBT to keep helping the community and the new generations that are to come once they are placed in good jobs.

At last, but not least, it will also be a nice opportunity for them to relax, have fun, and strengthen ties with the rest of the students! From OBT, and me personally, we ask for your support for making this experience a reality. Any donation is welcome. 5 dollars pay for the trip from Kampong Cham to Siem Reap of a kid. 10 for the 2 days´ stay with no meals included. 20 if you include the meals. 30 dollars pay for the whole trip. We intend to raise up to 3,000 dollars to take around 100 students. 

These children have few opportunities to step out of their poverty cycle. Help us change it! 

Thanks for your time, 

Diego and the team from OBT



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Diego is working on selecting a charity so you can support Visit to Angkor for the children on village in rural Cambodia.