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Vital Link Education-business Consortium

Vital Link's mission is to be the link between business and education to prepare students for the successful transition to a meaningful career. All students will graduate with an understanding of their career potential, and through interactive programs, expand their knowledge and resources and have the tools necessary to create an education and career plan that allows them to Explore, Discover and Connect to their future career. Tax ID 33-0632256



The competition runs through August 9th. Donate $5 to Vital Link and receive a Macy's Day Shopping Pass. 

Vital Link provides career preparation and exploration programs that focus on leading edge job skills through Project Based learning curriculum and career exploration experiences. We reach over 30,000 students through our program support to Middle Schools, High Schools, Regional Occupational Programs, Community Colleges and Universities, and Youth Service providers in Orange County, CA. Encouraging students to make the connection between their education and their future career is foundational to Vital Link and will impact lives today and in the future.

For over 20 years, we have developed interactive programs, as well as skills building classroom programs to provide real world experiences necessary to make successful career choices. The programs include Project Based learning program integration, Career Exploration programs, College Pathway Days where students visit college campuses and learn about the education opportunities aligned with their career goals, and the annual STEM and the Arts Career Showcase event where students can connect with industry professionals during workshops and their interactive exhibits. The event also provides a platform for students to demonstrate their completed projects during a design review judged by industry professionals in the areas of engineering, digital media arts, product design, and computer programming.