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Where does a Vizsla that has bitten or who is elderly go? Most are put to sleep. Vizsladogs, Ltd doing business as the Vizsla Rescue Haven is a no-kill sanctuary dedicated to the care of Vizslas that have become un-adoptable or need long term foster care.  These Vizslas are usually in danger of being put to sleep as many people consider them un-adoptable. Vizslas are a great breed when owned by people with the time, energy, and commitment to provide them with a good home. But too many are bought because of their beautiful looks and this can result in them not getting the socialization or training they need resulting in behavior issues.  Or sometimes the owner passes away and the family cannot keep the senior Vizsla. We are dedicated to making these Vizslas' lives comfortable, stable, and loving for as long as they live. However, our current facility is small and we can only home a very limited number of Vizslas. Thanks to a caring Vizsla owner, we are now 2/3's of the way towards our goal of purchasing a small ranch that would be a home for t.hese un-adotable Vizslas. Please help us reach our final goal of purchasing a home for these Vizslas. Thank you!


Vizslas are a beautiful and sensitive breed and unfortunately, that is their downfall. People see a beautiful red dog and want one. They do not know the needs of the breed resulting in Vizslas being euthanized unnecessarily every year. Vizslas need lots of active exercise, positive re-enforcement training, and socialization. Because they need people, Vizslas are called velcro and are considered a great family dog. When you get a novice owner, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Most behavior problems, especially biting, are from children jumping on Vizslas while sleeping, sticking pencils in their ears, pulling ears, or the owner using negative training techniques such as leash jerks, hitting, yelling, etc. The Vizsla Rescue Haven is a 501(c) non-profit and our goal is to have a safe haven for Vizslas that need it. These are Vizslas with behavior issues or just too old for people to adopt. We have received part of an inheritance and just need $200,000 more to reach our goal of purchasing a small ranch that will provide a loving environment for Vizslas needing long term or forever foster care.