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Volunteers of America Mid-States

Join the fight by donating today or creating your own fundraiser. Tax ID 61-0480950


Last year in America, more people died of drug overdoses than died in the entire Vietnam War.


More people died of drug overdoses than have ever died in a single year in car crashes. We lost more than 60,000 friends, neighbors and family members to addiction. 


Our opioid and overdose epidemic is a national public health crisis. 


At Volunteers of America Mid-States, we are fighting back. We work every day to help families get help, beat addiction and start new lives. Our Freedom House program is a national model for helping pregnant and parenting moms who are working to overcome addiction. We provide moms with comprehensive care – from health care to parenting classes to assistance with employment and education. At Freedom House, we help moms deliver healthy babies.


And we keep families together. 


But we can’t do it without you. Will you help us complete our campaign to double the number of moms and babies we can serve? Our new VOA Recovery campus will not only increase our ability to build stronger, safer futures for moms and babies, it will also give us increased capacity to serve more individuals and families seeking outpatient care for their addiction. We provide a comprehensive, proven solution to anyone who needs care. 


The opioid and addiction crisis can seem overwhelming. But Volunteers of America isn’t intimidated by the size of the challenge. We’re motivated by the size of the need. With your help, we will change more lives.