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Voice for Animals, Inc.

Compassion in Action Tax ID 01-0456905


VOICE FOR ANIMALS members believe that silence and inaction  in the face of injustice is tantamount to complicity.

We believe that animals have the right to live their lives in safety; free from human predation and degradation.

We believe animals are the only creatures entitled to wear fur. We believe that non-domestic animals deserve to live in their natural habitats, not  imprisoned by circuses or traditional zoos.

We oppose equine estrogen (Premarin) farms and, naturally, animal  testing of any nature. We believe that teaching respect for animals begins in  the cradle: a person who abuses animals will also abuse people. We believe there  is a binding link, an interconnectedness, between humans, animals 
and Mother  Earth.

At the root of our beliefs is the conviction that animals have  needs, emotions and inherent rights and that they deserve to live their 
lives to  fruition with dignity.