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Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition's Fundraiser:

Voices For Justice

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Since 1999, the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition has worked to halt the growth of the state prison population by advancing community health, safety and justice. The group advocates for drug policy and sentencing reforms, investment into treatment and community development, ending the use of private, for-profit prisons, and reintegration services. CCJRC also leads grassroots efforts to increase health care access and civic engagement by justice-involved people. CCJRC believes that we are overusing incarceration in Colorado. Instead of addressing the underlying social and economic causes of crime, mass incarceration only exacerbates these problems in a cycle that ultimately destabilizes communities, particularly in low-income communities and communities of color most targeted and represented int he prison populations. Civil, constitutional, and human rights have been eroded under the guise of fighting crime through greater social control. People with criminal records face so many barriers to finding gainful employment and affordable housing that the political, social, and economic marginalization is likely to be permanent for many. Expanding prison budgets are draining scarce resources from critical needs like education, health care, and human services.




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