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Voices of Central Pennsylvania Inc's Fundraiser:

Voices needs a NEW COMPUTER (and some office improvements)

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You try to do more with less. You embrace simplicity and humility. BUT, you know, you reach that point, where you realize - this computer, this vital tool on which everything else depends, IS JUST STUPID OLD!!! With a new computer, and some new office stuff, everything we do would get done five times faster, and ten times better. Instead of nursing a (hangs head and mumbles the dreaded word "Vista"), with default graphics (Have you ever tried to use a modern program with a default graphics card? It's just cruel, man, it's ugly.), if we had a machine that was a late2011-early2012 generation, we could give our people, our volunteer creators, the greatest gift of all. Time.

And, have power left over to do all the videography and photography processing and creating that we just can't fit in now.

AND - we take the old machine, and turn it into a combined wordprocessing and fundraising station! Waste not, want not.

We lost our printer-scanner-copier-fax in 2012 - it burned out from use. When I opened the case, you would not believe what I saw - lets just say we used it HARD. Right now we are using a donated printer that is "better than nothing", and have no scanner. How do you operate a educational publishing and citizen journalism office without a scanner? It's embarassing. We need a new one, one built for office use, not home use.

And, there is more on the list. The main office desk is on it's last legs, and that is more literally true than I'd like to admit. One day it is going to collapse, and drop our critical toolset smashing to the floor. We desperately need better storage systems. And we would really like to be able to - decorate the office door. We are proud of what we do and are, but our door looks like the door to a janitors closet.

None of this is in our budget right now. But we, the board of Voices, want to give it to our people anyway.

So, here comes the big ask. Can you give us something, $25 dollars maybe, and $50 would be better, to fix the office? Help us give the volunteers that make Voices of Central Pa possible a gift to make their lives better, their work easier and more powerful, and let them know we are fighting for them, that we are proud of them, and love them.

I just gave $50 to the "Voices needs a NEW COMPUTER!" campaign. And I promise to match again the first new gift we get for this campaign, and the last gift that lets us cross $2500. (Please, Universe, don't let it be more than $200 - but I will match it anyway.).

Voices People - pull out the card, hit your form-filler, and click that button. We need you!

(Endnote: This is Crowdrise. CrowdRise is like a Kickstarter for 501c3's, with an outstanding reputation for security and sincerity. You can only get a profile here if you are a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Public Charity, in good standing. Voices, of course, qualified instantly. Your gift is safe here, and your credit card information is safe here. Contact us if you have any questions.)


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To everyone who makes Voices a real thing every month - we admire you, we love you, we need you, and we honor you. Everyone who volunteers, everyone who works, everyone who reads and participates in our community and events, and everyone who gives - thank you all. This first gift in the first CrowdRise campaign is made in your names - The Voices People! Thank you! 4 years ago