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Volunteer Fundraisers

Sponsored Volunteerism is the idea that whether you're volunteering to mentor students for a year, helping to build an orphanage in Kenya, doing community service at a local shelter on weekends, or just getting a bunch of friends together to help clean up a hiking trail, you should be getting sponsored. If you don't know what that means, here's the easiest explanation ever -- marathon runners email all their friends before a race and ask them to sponsor their effort, and all the money they raise goes to their favorite charity. All we're saying is, that's exactly what we want volunteers to do.


Kyle Stein Charity Project


$6,410 Raised of $20,000 Goal



$20,590 Raised of $20,000 Goal



$64,908 Raised of $100,000 Goal

UMSI Alternative Spring Break 2013


$23,801 Raised of $20,000 Goal

LOLLIPOP Donor Drive


$195,408 Raised of $200,000 Goal