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VOLUNTEER MPS Tax ID 41-1352578


Volunteer MPS mission is to positively affect the learning and achievement of students of all ages in the Minneapolis Public Schools by providing trained volunteers and providing meaningful opportunities for community member to support teachers.


We recruit, train and place volunteer throughout the Minneapolis Public School district. We believe that every child has the right and ability to learn. We support our schools, teachers and students by providing free tutor trainings to volunteers that are aligned with the core curriculum expectations of MPS, which is turns provides effective volunteer tutors.

All of our volunteers are role models. Whether it is a college student gaining experience in the education field, or a grandmother who loves to read at the neighborhood school, all of our volunteers are role models to our students, because they show that they care about their students' success.

We need your help.

The demand for quality volunteers and more focused tutoring programs continue to rise while budgets get slashed annually. Donate now, and you help us continue our volunteer programs in our 60+ school district. This is the time where we need support from the community so we can provide effect volunteers to help our teachers close the achievement gap in Minneapolis Public Schools.