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Center for National Independence in Politics Tax ID 85-0364261


Project Vote Smart is dedicated to bringing the citizenry accurate, dependable, non-biased information on the all the officers and candidates of federal, state, and local offices. We cover them in five basic areas: 1. backgrounds, 2. issue positions, 3. voting records, 4. campaign finances, and 5. performance evaluations made on them by over 100 conservative to liberal special interests. We do not lobby, support or oppose any candidate -- and we do not accept financial support from any organization that does. We are supported by our 45,000 members and individual foundations. We will not allow anyone to join our founding board without a political opposite -- that is why we have had members as diverse as Goldwater and McGovern, Carter and Ford, Gingrich and Ferraro. Our staff consists of primarily interns and retirees, working for minimal to no wage in order to help you get the facts about candidates instead of just rhetoric.