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Warriors for Healing Photo
Warriors for Healing Photo
Warriors for Healing Photo
Warriors for Healing Photo

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More than 500,000 of our veterans face traumatic stress. An alarming number commit suicide every day. Levels of domestic violence are at record levels, as is drug abuse, homelessness, alcoholism, and incarceration. It’s an ongoing national crisis that affects all of us… but there is powerful pathway forward towards resiliency and wholeness by becoming a Warrior for Healing.


I’m a former war correspondent who faced PTSD after the loss of my career to a broken back and stage IV cancer. I was drug and alcohol addicted, filled with anger, self-pity and despair, and on the brink of death when — out of desperation — I entered an experimental mind/body program that led me to something I never thought I would be open to: Yoga Science. 


Through consistent practice I was able to heal from cancer, chronic pain and emotional despair, and get back on my feet again. The healing modalities of yoga are time-tested and evidence-based, and the evidence is clear: Yoga Trauma Therapy provides among the most effect pathways for coping with PTSD, creating resiliency, and finding new meaning in life.


I invite you to join the Warriors for Healing family, support a growing movement and practice selfless service. Your support will help us to:


  • Grow a national movement of yoga teachers and studios providing trauma therapy classes.
  • Expand awareness of the effectiveness of yoga science to broader segments of the population.
  • Provide Warriors for Healing trainings.
  • Provide downloadable online resources for those facing traumatic stress to learn and practice in the privacy of their homes.
  • Help those facing traumatic stress to rediscover self-empowerment and develop a new mission in life.


By working together, in a loud and resounding voice, we truly can be the change we seek in the world. 


Thank You, Brad Willis (AKA Bhava Ram)


W4H founder, Brad Willis (aka Bhava Ram), is a former network news correspondent who covered wars and refugee crises in Afghanistan and Iraq, drug wars in South America, apartheid in Africa and exposed the sex-slave trade in Asia. A broken back and failed surgery ended his career. Then came stage four cancer from toxins in the Gulf War. Confined to a body brace and unable to sit up for a meal, he faced addiction, depression and the symptomatology of PTSD. On the brink of death he healed himself through the deeper mind/body/spirit scientific practices of yoga. 


Through the Warriors for Healing foundation, Willis now devotes his life to giving back to those who have given so much. Selfless Service is a centerpiece of human kindness and compassion that flows through all spiritual practices and all cultures, reminding us that we are all in this together. As we lift others up, we lift ourselves to greater heights, and in our own way we help to heal the world. 


To learn more about Warriors for Healing please click here.

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