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CROWDRISE : Jan 22, 2015
Tax ID: 33-0936778
BASED: Placentia, CA, United States


Our Vision Is Sound

Our scientifically-proven FlashSonar™ method of echolocation sends audible impulses that light-up and create spatial imagery in the brain's visual cortex, the area normally used for sight. The life-changing result for blind people is that their world lights-up with a new sense of vision. Please help us to help more blind people to 'see with sound' by setting up your fundraiser for World Access For The Blind today. You'll be giving the gift of Perceptual Freedom by helping another blind person to break free of a well-intentioned guiding arm.

For over 15 years, World Access For The Blind (WAFTB) has been dedicated to the liberation of blind persons from isolation and passive dependence, across the United States and in over 40 countries around the world.


Lead Founder and President Daniel Kish, the first blind person to achieve two national accreditations as an Orientation & Mobility Specialist, set the tone with his 'No Limits' approach to living each day to the fullest, despite the loss of his eyes to cancer as an infant..


With two Masters Degrees in Special Education and Developmental Psychology, Daniel has also extended the reach of WAFTB's services to  blind children who've been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.


He has also mentored WAFTB's earliest students who, themselves, have trained to become Perceptual Navigation Instructors with the organization. All have been featured in documentaries and news reports on TV networks around the world, reaching an estimated audience of over two billion viewers, along with many radio and online features.


That increased publicity has resulted in increased demand and a waiting list of hundreds of blind and sighted people who want to learn FlashSonar™ to achieve their own Perceptual Freedom, or to become Perceptual Navigation Instructors.


As a result, we need your help to meet that growing demand. WAFTB is a California-registered 501(c)3 charity that completely relies on donations from individuals like you, and from businesses or granting institutions.


Your donation will help to create jobs in the U.S. as we train and hire more instructors, and you'll be giving the gift of Perceptual Freedom to the blind children, teens and adults who want to learn our life-changing methods of self-directed navigation and living.


Set-up a fundraiser for World Access For The Blind today, and encourage your family and friends to do so. The money you raise will help blind persons to light-up their world with FlashSonar so that they can see again in a new way.


All contributions in the United States are tax-deductible. We thank you for your support!



Tax ID: 33-0936778 •


Help Us Teach Blind Kids, Teens and Adults To See With Sound

Help Us Teach Blind Kids, Te…

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