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See our President’s Day campaign below. Make a gift of at least $10 to the Wage Justice Center and we’ll send a President’s Day card to Donald Trump letting him know he's inspiring the fight against wage theft! Tax ID 26-1077468


Wage Justice Center fights for low-wage workers to be paid for work performed. Unscrupulous companies cheat workers by not paying minimum wage or overtime - or not even paying workers at all.

We specialize in piercing corporate shell games to hold businesses accountable when they steal workers' wages. We use this expertise to empower workers to exercise their rights and improve their working conditions.

Companies that refuse to pay employees for work performed impose significant economic burdens on low-wage workers and our entire society. Business that comply with labor laws are at a disadvantage, working families are forced to live in poverty, governments do not collect enough revenue and taxpayers must pay for the social services working families must use.

We all subsidize wage theft when companies do not pay their workers.

Fundraising Campaigns