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Walk 4 Wells

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Walk 4 Wells is a walk-a-thon that puts YOU in the shoes of a young boy or girl who has to walk in search of water every day. When you, your friends, your school, and your community join together for a Walk 4 Wells event, you understand the challenge of finding clean water—and you become part of the solution.

The Lowdown

As people living in the United States, we have access to clean, safe drinking water. It’s a part of our everyday lives. Running water allows us to shower in the morning, water the lawn in the afternoon, cook dinner in the evening, and keep hydrated throughout the day.

Imagine now, if you can, that there is no running water.

What would you do? What if you had to fetch water every morning, walking three miles each way, and waiting in line at the pump for half an hour? Getting water would become a priority, even before going to school. It might sound hard to believe, but for millions of people around the world, this walk for water is a part of daily life.

Without access to clean drinking water and toilets, life is hard—especially for women and girls. That’s because in most families in developing countries, it is a girl’s responsibility to fetch water for her family. The long walk to the well may force her to miss school, and if her school doesn’t have water, she is even less likely to attend class. (Learn more about the challenge facing female students by reading about Because I Am a Girl in Burkina Faso.)

But, by providing access to clean water and sanitation, the number of girls attending school increases by up to 37 percent (CARE Action Network, September 24 2010 ). By making it safer and easier to get water, we make it safer and easier for boys and girls alike to go to school. Young people are healthier, better educated, and better able to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Why Walk?

When you participate in Walk 4 Wells, you walk for millions of young people who struggle to find clean water every day. Walk 4 Wells--and you help students reach their dreams!

  • Deadly Diseases
    If you don’t have running water, chances are you don’t have a toilet, either. You might easily get sick from the spread of bacteria. Diarrhea caused by a lack of clean water is the leading cause of death for children under the age of five in developing countries. That’s why we walk!
  • Wells and Bore Holes
    We construct bore holes for schools and communities, because a bore hole for a well can reach safe, uncontaminated water deep underground. That’s why we walk!

This year’s focus: Burkina Faso

All funds raised from this year’s Walk 4 Wells campaign will go towards building wells on the grounds of six schools in Burkina Faso. Having water at school will make it much easier for students to stay in school, since they will no longer need to walk to fetch water far away from their classroom.

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