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Walk and Roll Dance Team

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BENEFITING: EVENT DATE: Nov 22, 2013 DAYS TO GO: 83 You are the Organizer of this Fundraiser THE STORY: “My story” as I am going to express it, has been a life long series of joysand pains of life. I use the term “expression” because seeing life from a wheelchair view, all mylife is more of a vision of expression rather than a normal way of seeing things. As many of youmay or may not know, when I was 3 months old, I was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma tumoron my T 7 spinal cord. As an infant going through the unexpected, I was in the hands of mymother, doctors, nurses, and most of all, the Lord almighty. So I went through with my firstsurgery at 3 months old of removing the unwanted gift that I was born with that left me overallparalyzed from the waist down. My mother always told me, even as an infant she knew that Iwas a determined child, fighting for better health. Over the years, I developed even morecomplications of health risks that required numerous surgeries. Even today, I currently receivea surgical procedure every six months to assist with my under developed bladder. So as I sharein expressing “my story,” the details of words will never be undoubtfull as to the real challengesI’ve had to face. Therefore, I’ve learned how to be strong, be a survivor, live my life unlimitlessas possible, while still dreaming big dreams.Through my years and experience of wheelchair dancing, I have recently joined theWalk and Roll Foundation Dance Team. Through this non-profit organization, I am committedto a team of professional and determined group of individuals that strives to educate, support,and inspire individuals in a disabled capacity. For me personally, I love to inspire others, andthis is what the organization means to me…..inspiration! We cannot operate extensively without donations from caring individuals. . Our first big performance with the whole team is at the San Jose Abilities Expo which is held November 22-24, 2013. We need YOUR help to bring all the girls to San Jose. Any donations are greatly appreciated! Please pass on “my story” in the event to help grow our meaningful organization. Thank you so much!!!!



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