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Your support will allow us to continue to travel across the country with our Rally4Reality school program and Inspirational dance team. We travel to schools, expos, and special events educating teens and adults on the consequences of distracted driving and inspiring good choices. Our speakers have a powerful personal message of how one decision, changed not only their life but the lives of many others. Our foundation has created a unique presentation. Along with the educational message we have our dance team. These women promote the "inspire" part of our mission statement by sharing their love of dance and motivating the audience to follow their dreams. We need your support to help us continue to travel and cover all the cost involved with our speaking engagements and performances. We have been blessed to have opportunities throughout the US this year to share our stories, perform and save lives.


The Walk and Roll Foundation was formed by Chelsie Hill and her father, Jon Hill.

The foundation educates teens and adults to make responsible choices where alcohol, substances abuse, and distracted driving are involved.

Chelsie suffered a paralyzing injury in an alcohol-related auto accident in February of 2010 when she got in a car with a friend who had been drinking. Since then she and her father have spoken to well over 40,000 high school students and their parents about making better choices in their lives. 

Our mission is to;

Educate, through our Rally4Reality school program we have traveled across the U.S. speaking to students and parents about the dangers of distracted driving. It is our mission to educate teens about the importance of making good choices and how some choices, as small as they may seem at the time, can not only change the rest of their life, but also the lives of their family and friends.

Inspire, through our Team Hotwheelz dance group of 7 women in wheelchairs, we perform throughout the U.S. to a diverse audience. Team Hotwheelz will also perform with our Rally4Reality program with able body dancers to inspire teens to follow their dreams no matter what obsticles may come their way. It's educational for them to understand that the label dis-abled should be viewed more as a different-ability

Provide, through bringing a state of the art rehabilitation facility to Northern CA. for those suffering with spinal cord injuries. 

The Walk and Roll Foundation is dedicated to following our mission and improving the quality of life for persons affected by spinal cord injuries (SCI). Walk and Roll strives to foster an atmosphere of support and encouragement to people with a SCI and their families and to educate our youth to live their dream and make good choices.

With all donations, you will be helping our foundation continue with our journey to help educate and inspire people by promoting a positive lifestyle!

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Many Thanks, 

Walk and Roll Foundation