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I am biking 4,000 miles (approx.) from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to Los Angeles, California, USA to raise money for several causes; cancer, stroke, depression, and addiction.

The trek will take about 4 months (between biking, some walking, days off for rest/injury/weather, and meeting with various associated groups).

I have personally encountered and survived each of these in my life and it is time to give back.

I plan to not only raise money for these causes but more importantly to stop in cities along the way (associated centers, organizations, as well as, schools) to speak about my experiences in an inspirational way.

The main cities where I will be stopping in along the way are: Regina, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

I have already reached out to companies to sponsor my training for the journey, athletic wear/gear, and protein/energy bars & drinks.

I am looking to raise the funds to help me go on this trek. Two of the past three years have been devastating financially as I have been recovering from surgery and radiation treatments from Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (neck cancer).

This was all happening as I had just opened up my new business, which I ended up having to abandon.

After using up all of my savings, stocks, and other investments plus maxing out my credit cards, I had to go on disability.

Its been tough getting back into the work pool. I have sent out tons of emails, resumes, cover letters, and online portfolios and have been on quite a few interviews. But not much has come my way.

Today, I am very healthy and happy and have got my business back up and running. However, will take time to build up a clientele base (I'm an interior & furniture designer).

I am grateful to my family and friends for helping out during this time with all of their love and support. Plus the knowledge and skill of my medical team.

That is a bit about my fundraiser and self. Following is a basic breakdown of the $15,000 that I'm looking to raise so that I can take this trip to raise money for cancer, stroked, addiction, and depression and give inspirational talks along the way.

BIKE: $3,000 (bike, accessories, spare parts, repair kit, shop visits along the way for maintenance)
FOOD: $2,400 ($600 p/m x 4 months)
LODGING: $4,500 ($75 x 60 nights, on the remaining nights I will be far from a city and plan on sleeping in a tent as well as sleeping at family's, friend's, & acquaintances
SPORTS THERAPY/INJURY/MASSAGE: $2,000 ($100 per session x 20 sessions)



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