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2012 FGM - Red Card Campaign

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The immediate and long-term effects of the FGM ritual perpetrated on Maasai girls in Kajiado County are well before puberty and yet they have devastating consequences to their health and well being to an extent that they all but destroy the quality of live. Female genital mutilation is often times performed by women on other women and young girls yet the men who are the driving force and proponents of the vice are far removed from the act itself. For us at the Coexist Initiative, female genital mutilation is part of a continuum of female body and sexuality control. It’s a practice carried out by women for the benefit of men and for the validation of the invisible hand of patriarchy.

The Entapal Emuratare project is in recognition of the role men and boys can play in the eradication of female genital mutilation in Kajiado County in Kenya. It’s a deliberate attempt to work with men and boys towards fostering a community in which girls and women live healthier and bursting lives devoid of the torture and depravity associated with FGM. The undertaking is premised on the fact that men and boys play a leading role in the sustenance of pervasive and destructive cultural practices and customs including the dehumanizing female genital mutilation. The walls of the silence that have fortified FGM from public discourse must be shattered

The Entapal Emuratare project is a grassroots initiative that is participatory in nature and utilizes the expertise and tools that are respected by the target community. The project endeavors to spur change through a culturally sensitive, human rights-based approach that promotes collective abandonment of the practice.

Project Objectives

 To achieve an overall 10% knowledge increase and understanding of FGM eradication/ prevention and public support at the community level by mobilizing and empowering a total of 1500 men and boys

 To contribute to a 12% the reduction in the practice of FGM in the target location by addressing the drivers of the practice which include patriarchy, power dimensions dominated by masculinity, negative traditional beliefs and practices.
 To engage the formal and informal media channels in the fight against FGM at the grassroots.
 To contribute to the reduction of justifications towards the continued practice of the destructive traditional rite of passage by 9%.

Project Outcomes
 10% involvement of men in anti-FGM activities in the target region
 15% increased community awareness about the negative social and health consequences of the FGM
 Established community based safety networks managed by men and boys to result in enhanced security for girls at both the community and family level increased by 15%
 Media practitioners levels of awareness about FGM raised and their capacities to objectively cover FGM improved by 25%



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