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Warren Padilla

Warren Padilla
United States
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Tinnitus Alert Do you hear high pitch ringing sound inside your ear or head that you are the only one who can hear? If so, then you have Tinnitus. Your lifestyle causes tinnitus. Tinnitus or the ringing in the ears is the result of how you live your life and how you take good care of your body. It is not contagious because it is not a disease. It is a symptom which is not deadly to human but a sign that you are suffering from illness inside your body.

There is nothing to be worried if you hear this ringing sound. But you need to make adjustments to how you treat your body to both work and pleasure. There is no medicine that can cure the ringing because it is the root of the ringing that you need to address. However, both doctors and homeopathy enthusiasts have first aid remedies to neutralize the attack but it is not answer to the main problem.

What you need to cure is the cause of the ringing in your ears. It can be due to high blood pressure, tumor and cancer, growth of bone inside your ears, Meniere's disease, or acoustic neuroma. Exercise and healthy lifestyle can reduce and completely eliminate the presence of tinnitus.

Devices you can Count In In case the tinnitus level you experience right now is too high for you to handle and it distracts your concentration, you can use artificial devices which can help you control the frequency or disrupt the sound waves around you. Try to look at these two devices which give you temporary relief from your dilemma.

o White noise machine Sound has its level of frequency and color. White noise is a friendly peaceful noise like waterfall, rain, music, ocean waves and low tone sounds. The white noise machine is also use by people who do not have a good sleeping habit resulting to insomnia and anxiety. This level of sound neutralizes the mental activity of a person which calms down the pulsating reaction to its environment.
This device was designed to record different sound range. The human ear has the ability to adapt the sound it hears and it becomes accustomed to it that is why, engineers who manufacture the white noise machine set the system to play back music tracks in a higher frequency but within the range of human ear capacity. You can buy it in Amazon for about $50. o Hearing aids Hearing aids are more expensive than white noise machines. It is available in Amazon for about $80. They are temporary relief to ringing in your ears but it helps a lot. There are different types of hearing aids. Some are placed inside your ear and some are attached at the back of your ear. But there are patients who are not comfortable with hearing aids. Wearing these devices can cause sensitivity to your ear as well if not properly use. Once again this does not correct your hearing problem or hearing loss. This is just an instrument to help you adjust the level of sound you hear around you.

It is good to have these devices. However, these are still not the cure to the ringing in your ears. Good lifestyle and proper health care is still the best answer to prevent tinnitus and other major diseases.




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