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Washoe County School District

Our goal is to enrich the lives of local students by providing access to free books.


The Read & Succeed Book Program focuses on collecting and distributing free books to local students, in order to support literacy in our community and create home libraries.

Our all volunteer program collects books through community book drives, donations from book distributers like Better World Books, and through the purchase of books from local vendors like Grassroots Books.   

Last year, we collected 138,000 books and we are hoping to collect at least 150,000 this year. Our amazing volunteers clean the books, sort them by grade level, and then pack them for distribution at WCSD schools, community events, and local organizations.   

Please help us reach our goal of supporting literacy by providing WCSD students with the chance to build home libraries. Your investment in education gives children the opportunities they need to be successful in school and life.