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Wastewater Education's Fundraiser:

WasteWater Education - Water Is, And Always Will Be, Worth It!

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We are not proposing engineering projects - what we will provide with this funding is an independent preparation and review of engineering RFP’s, based on in depth, integrated, multi dimensional review of the community’s character, desires and future opportunities. It’s those choices which should guide the eventual choice of what is affordable AND appropriate based on a transparent consensus driven process. Far too many small communities are lead down a path that ends in strife and division - the community always ends up paying a price, in more ways than the obvious rates increase. If a project was designed for future growth that never materializes, or for a current climate which changes dramatically, or fails to take into account a sudden change in demographics - the funding agency will still want that annual Bond repayment regardless. We need to track and quantify cost savings, plus create evidence of best practices in evaluating infrastructure projects and prioritizing those with the greatest need rather than the most adept lobbyist - pork is still pork, even with a nice sauce to cover it up…..




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