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Erin Huber's Fundraiser:

Water Filters for 10 families in the Katanga Slum (Uganda)


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October 18, 2016

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Erin Huber


I've been working in the Katanga Slum for a few years now. My organization, Drink Local Drink Tap, builds water projects all over Uganda, but in the slum, drilling for clean water is not a possibility. The people in Katanga 'have water'- it's just not safe to drink. In fact, I wouldn't wish that water supply on anyone. For $125, you can bring a filter to one family in the Katanga Slum. What we've found is that families then share clean water with the others around them, send it to school with their kids and even serve kids who might be playing near their 'home'. The people in Katanga have no option for clean water besides not drinking it at all- which is not an option. Help us help 10 more families that have been interviewed and are waiting for filters this year. You can save lives with your support of these bio-sand filters that can last over 10 years. [clean] water is life.





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